Awesome day for post 88..

Today was an awesome day.  As you read over the past few days, DS2 was having pain in his left eye. We drove from Scranton, Pa to Red Bank, NJ this morning for a 10 am appointment with the surgeon. The surgeon came in and calmly asked why were there so soon. Our next scheduled appointment is the day after Thanksgiving. We told him that DS2 was having pain in his left eye. The doctor calmly (I keep using that word, we were not)  said that pain was not uncommon with this type of surgery. Then he looked at DS2’s left eye and said that yes the two stitches in his eye needed to be removed.  And that the eye was fine. My DW grasped my hand in relief. I was still on edge since the doctor was now looking at the right eye.

And still looking. And more looking. The right eye was the worst of the two before the surgery. Then he pronounced the right eye was doing fine as well. Then I was able to relax. The doctor took the two stitches out of the left eye, gave a new prescription and sent us on our way.  Unreal. Did we over react? Not a chance.

After our doctor visit we drove back to Scranton. I got my 400 miles in today, thank you very much. On the way back we stopped at Hotdog Johnny’s in Buttsville, NJ. A video from that visit can be seen here.  As children, our parents would put us in the family station wagon and drive us two hours to visit the Scranton relatives. Hotdog Johnny’s was about the half way point. With some part of 10 children in the car, I’m sure they needed the break.  The menu is simple, hot dogs and french fries. Add the toppings of your choice and a drink. The two best drink choices are Birch Beer or Buttermilk.  Both are server in frosted glass mugs. It was for me a perfect way to work through the stress of the week.

When we got back to Marywood University we attended the Fall fair on campus. Then a nap. We went grocery shopping with DS2 for things that college students need and don’t want to pay for. Followed up by dinner at Kildares in downtown Scranton. I’ve raved about the Fish and Chips here before. They were good once again.

Tonight there is a casino night and a musician in the fireplace lounge.  We were talking amongst ourselves while the musician was setting up and he heard me talking about seeing Scott Kirby in Key West. He asked about Key West and then for the sound check he played Come Monday. This should be a real good night.

I am doing tonight’s

Swing set, I rode this 40 years ago

blog on a public computer at the university. Pictures are from today. Don’t ask tonight about the hoops jumped to get them from my cell phone to this computer.









that's a good birch beer

hotdog johnnys

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Harnew
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 23:05:30

    Awesome day indeed. I had my 88th post today too.


  2. Todd Williams
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 03:12:02

    Yes, we’d often stop at HDJ’s because it was halfway between Glen Ridge and my grandmother’s house in the Stroudsburg area. Then route 80 went in (in 1973, says Wikipedia) and that changed everything – we had to beg my parents to take the long way and stop at Johnny’s. Although I’ve lived in SoCal for 25 years now, I had the opportunity to stop by last year for some dogs, birch bear, and even some Tastykakes (nearly impossibly to find here). And I bet I’m one of the few Southern Californians with a Hot Dog Johnny’s T-shirt.


    • limeguy50
      Sep 25, 2011 @ 09:27:10

      I had not been there in at least 30 years. When we are traveling to Scranton we just want to keep driving. It was pretty neat to see that the place was still there just like I remembered it.


  3. Christina
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 00:46:29

    Very awesome!!! Thanks for posting the terrific news!!


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