86 (post) problems, maybe 300 or so solutions..

Everyday we are faced with choices, turn left or right at the traffic light. Maybe you need to choose skim or whole milk or no milk in your coffee. Choices, choices, maybe too many choices.  Do I make lunch and brown bag it, or do I eat out. Reply or not to that email or text. Little dramas that play out in our daily lives.  Today we had a visit from the big drama version number two.

This weekend, as you may have read yesterday, is parents weekend at Marywood University. In preparation for going to visit the child of the week we usually: A. Remind them that we are coming to visit. B: Ask if they want anything from home. Pretty standard method of operation this being the fifth year of parents weekends for us. Today DS2 texts me to ask if I will bring up the pain medication that he got when he had his eye surgeries last month. Not a good sign. He has not taken any of them in three weeks. Big sigh, then the text storm starts.

Bottom line is that after his religion class this morning his left eye was hurting. He has had some discomfort over the last month now and then. The eye drops that he is taking has solved that discomfort. Today the drops did not help. I asked him to send me a picture of his two eyes so that we could see if there was something dramatically different from one eye to the other. They looked better than when we dropped him off, still a little red.

We sent him to student health to have the nurse there take a look at him. She suggested that he visit the local eye institute. I spoke with her on the phone, she said the eye was red (I knew that from the picture, not bloodshot by any means) and that given his surgical history, a visit to a specialist was warranted. We both agreed. She was covering herself in case something is really wrong. DS2 spoke with the doctor’s office where the original surgery was done. They want to see him Saturday morning.  A later in the day update is that he feels better now. But, he is still going to see the surgeon.  Crossroads and choices and problems with 300 + solutions. Yea!  I will update this story as the weekend progresses.

I did work from home today. I could not manage to avoid the 4:30 dumpster again this week. I worked 1.5 hrs extra bailing out one of my favorite people. Seems like this is becoming the norm, not the rarity that it once was. Smile, smile. Since work ran late and other “issues” I decided not to travel and play lacrosse tonight. I will be doing enough driving Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  My DW got stuck late at work as well. At least that worked out well. Neither of us were done on time.  DS3 called to say good-bye for the weekend. Tomorrow he leave to spend three days in the woods with ROTC. The oldest sent a few texts and one email. Nothing of much significance.

The picture de’ jour is from my DW’s bithday in 2009. Enjoy!

Birthday 2009