A token is necessary to ride this 84 (post) train..

“Not all those who wander are lost.” is a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien.  The need for a token to ride this train is just me and some words, no fancy quote. Tonight I was that token. This would be the part of the English class were we learned about homonyms. Words that sound the same yet have different meanings. My DW and I just got home from our second night of yoga this week. Last night was the usual class at the local health club where we are members. Tonight’s adventure was the opening night of the local adult school’s yoga class. When we walked in at 7:12 for a 7:15 class, there were seven women already there. My DW made eight. Me, I was the token.  (Get it?)

We walked in and the teacher says oh, you must be Mr and Mrs Limeguy (not really). Welcome to class. The other six students had placed their mats in two rows leaving an area in the middle open. We walked to the end of the open area and put down our mats creating a U with the teacher at the other end from us. The teacher looks at us (me) and says “This is an intermediate yoga class for those with some experience”.  “Have you done yoga before?” We (DW and I) just smiled and said, yes. So we passed the first test and got to stay.  The class went well. She teaches a little differently than the two other teachers that I have been exposed to.  At the end we talked to one of the other ladies taking the class. She is the mother of one of the now sophomore lacrosse players at the high school. We met her and her son during the season last spring.  She asked about DS3 who had played on the same team as her son last year. It was nice to have somebody remember and ask about our son.

Not much contact with any of the children today. DS2 was doing laundry when I was texting him. Every time I went to text DS3 he was in a class. Today was his busy class day. I would guess that he is working on homework tonight (I hope so). DS1 sent some word feud words my way, so he is still up and around.  At work today the internet was out all morning. Since most of our customers are supported via the internet, it was a boring morning. I ate lunch early and by 1 pm things were finally fixed. Then the derby started to see what could be accomplished by 5 pm.

 Last night’s lacrosse playing did not happen. We traveled 40 miles and when we got there the guy at the desk says to hold onto our money while he waits to see if anybody else shows up. They did not. The guy I rode with called the facility earlier in the day and the women that answered the phone said that they had people come and play last week. The guy at the desk said that they had one person the week before. So they doubled their attendance from one week to the next.  I think we are looking for other playing opportunities.

Tonight’s pictures come fromAugust before DS1 left for college. This “event” was a failed attempt at a Christmas card picture.  Enjoy!

Pictures, we don't need any stinkin' pictures


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