Maybe we are old fashioned under post 82

This blogging thing has taken on a life of its own.  My blogging time is usually after dinner. This is subject to change as time and activities change. Here we are after dinner, me in the “chair” and my DW reading a book on the couch. The kitchen is clean, the house is ready for the work week.  We just finished dinner. We had steak and mashed potatoes with a salad. We skipped the vegetable tonight.  While we were eating dinner by candle light we listened to the Cincinnati Bengals football game on Sirius.

You ask, dude, the Bengals? Yes, the Bengals. My DW has a good friend whose son is the long snapper for the Bengals. So we follow the team. This family rented us their house in Florida for four years in a row during spring break. I certainly enjoyed spending two weeks on the Gulf Coast each year. Eventually the lacrosse coach made it known that if our son expected to play varsity lacrosse, two weeks in Florida in April was out of the question. The high school lacrosse season is in the spring.  Anyway, there we were, porterhouse steaks (mine with Montreal seasoning) mashed, salad, a nice Merlot and football on the radio. Question time, have you ever listened to a football game on the radio? We do most weeks. Not always during dinner, but most weeks. I seem to enjoy football on the radio with good play-by-play announcers.  We poke fun at the silly things that they say as they call the games. Do you think our parents did the same?

See, so we (the Limeguy family) are old-fashioned. I guess you need to look past the HD TV, the high-speed internet, Twitter, Facebook, smart phones and all the other trapping of modern civilization. We are old-fashioned. I remember as a child listening to football games on the am radio in my room. The local country station used to broadcast football on Sundays.  Maybe our kids are not old-fashioned, but they certainly have the training from their parents.

Children, hmmm. DS1 played some word feud with me around lunch time. That would be a little early on a Sunday for him. Maybe he was working a game for the University. DS2 has a Jazz ensemble gig tonight. Marywood has a social advertised as “Come dance with us”  on their website. The Jazz ensemble is performing this evening. I guess he is playing percussion of some sort. DS3 had a choir performance last night. Today he had brunch and homework. Tonight he had pizza for dinner. Tonight’s dinner (at home) was right up his alley. We enjoyed it in his honor. 

This coming weekend he will be at Camp Smith near Peekskill, NY for the brigades FTX (fall training exercise).  A copy of the weekends schedule can be found by clicking here.  Ok, I will step aside and answer the that one question. That question is, you write a blog, add pictures, embed links to documents, websites and videos, and you still consider yourself old-fashioned??  My answer is, yes.  The Royal Warrior Battalion has a web presence on Facebook (chant like us, like us, just kidding). You can follow the doing of DS3’s ROTC brigade.

Picture time boys and girls.  Todays picture comes from yesterdays walk over the causeway which received absolutely no press coverage from our local paper. Hmm, maybe time to change local papers. Enjoy!

Bridge walk 2011