Saturday happenings (with pictures) while visiting post 81..

Bridge walk 2011

Today is Saturday here in NJ. The weather was sunny with scattered clouds. The overnight temps went down into the 50’s for the second night in a row. The cool air makes for good sleeping weather.  This morning my DW and I walked across the causeway that connects the mainland to LBI. The walk was a fundraiser for the local schools. I have ridden my bike many times in both directions on the causeway, but with very limited shoulders and speeding traffic, I have never stopped to sight see. The walk today made up for that. I brought my camera along to take some pictures. The pictures were uploaded to  If you would like to see the pictures from today’s walk, click here.

DW on the bridge

Here is a picture of my DW taken near the top of the bridge with the bay in the background. It was quite breezy on the bridge, but not too cold. The total length of the walk was around three miles. As you can see in the picture above, there were many families and groups doing the walk.  After the walk was over we rode a school bus back to our car on the mainland. My knees rubbed up against the seat in front of me. And another thing I noticed was that the names of the kids that sat in each seat were taped to the wall above the window. I guess they have assigned seats.
On the way home from the walk we stopped at the crab man and bought a dozen live blue crabs. We took them home and tried to get them in the pot.

This picture is of most of the crabs trying to escape the pot and winding up in the sink. 

Live crabs in the sink

Cooked crabs

After their trip through the hot tub the looked like this! They were quite enjoyable. My DW does not like to pick them, but she does enjoy the meat and the claws.  We shared the crabs until she had eaten enough. 
The rest of the afternoon was anti climatic.  I heard from the two younger children via text during the afternoon.  DS2’s university had an Autism Awareness walk and informational fair this morning. He walked and then worked the Music Therapy booth for a few hours. This evening he is working on homework. DS3 had choir at 7:30 tonight. He hopes to spend some time with Catherine after choir.  He met her yesterday at Mass.  I guess when you show up in a tux to sing in the choir the girls notice.  Good for him.  DS1 texted that he worked two soccer and one volleyball games today. While he is getting college credit for the time, it makes me wonder if there should be a limit to the number of events that you are expected to work.  In addition to the games he has pre game and post game responsibilities.  I guess he will figure it out one way or the other.
One final picture for the blog tonight. This is an arms length self portrait that I shot on the bridge this morning. My DW is starting to miss the children since she keeps having her picture taken.  🙂   Enjoy!

Limeguy and Mrs. Limeguy


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 17:26:20

    So what was the noise in the backyard?


    • limeguy50
      Sep 18, 2011 @ 19:27:16

      I never found out. I moved from a seat having the noise behind me to facing the back of the yard. I never figured the noise out. Probably a cat or a raccoon. It was noisy either way.


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