Zombie apocalypse foretold in post 80..

Or not. I was looking for an eye-catching title. We were in the hot tub tonight (DW and I) enjoying the hot water and the bubbles when I heard noise from the woods in our back yard. Now our lot is not very big, the house, deck and gardens take up most of the space. But there are trees and bushes behind the hot tub toward the rear fence. There is no fence between the house up the hill from us. This is the house closest to the hot tub. So zombies could certainly make their way down the street using the connected back yards. Or not.  Silly thoughts, but as a Boy Scout, you are trained to Be Prepared.

Today was a slow day at work until nearly closing time. I did the calls that came my way, I took care of the reoccurring calls that happen each week. Then at 4:30 the support manager is crazy about a customer that I worked with on Tuesday. Turns out the customer in question is not the customer I took care of on Tuesday. Confusing, it certainly was. This and coupled with the end of the day, the company president being involved, made things unnecessarily stressed. I wound up spending two hours with the customer and solving their issues. The office closed at 5 pm, I worked until 6:30 pm. Thankfully today was a work from home Friday, so I did not have any commute home. I will get paid for the extra time.

DS3 sent this picture to me this morning.


He is dressed in his choir attire for today’s festivities at The University of Scranton. For more details see yesterday’s post.  I asked him to get a picture taken of him dressed like this, just not in the bathroom. In my next life I may be a professional photographer. I will call this backdrop, Freshman year in college. He certainly cleans up well. When asked about his plans for the evening he said he was hanging out with Jess (met her at orientation) and Christine (met her at the festivities today). He cleans up well!.  Both of his parents had a good chuckle at this. 

Dinner was out at a local restaurant. I wanted wings for dinner. I had my wings, my DW had a turkey club. This was her second turkey protein meal of the day. We ate lunch together and she had a Thanksgiving wrap. It was exactly what you imagine, Thanksgiving  Dinner in a wrap.  While we were eating dinner, one of DS2 and DS3’s teachers from the elementary school came in. We chatted, showed her pictures of the boys. She is in a band that was playing the 9 pm to ? set at the restaurant.  We stayed for about half the first set. We were beat and they were ok. They need to continue to polish their stage presence.
Tomorrow we hope to join in the www.walkthecauseway.com walk. The causeway runs between the mainland in Manahawkin and LBI. We’ll see of we get out of bed in time. Last night’s lacrosse under the lights went well. Sort of, no I did not get hurt. It was not one of those weeks. Each week I bring an amp and connect my Sirius satellite radio to it and we have music to play lacrosse by. Never has this been a problem. Last night was the first cool night of the lacrosse season. The police came by around 10:15 to ask us to turn the music down. Rousted like rowdy college kids we were. The police officer was nice enough about it. We were supposed to play from 9 pm to 10 pm, so we should have been done anyway.  Needless to say, my lacrosse compatriots broke my stones about being rousted by the police.  I just smiled. Maybe next week for our game I might play the Sinatra channel on Sirius instead!  Hmmm.
Picture time. Tonight’s picture comes from August 2004 when our family gathered in Randolf at my brother’s house.  Enjoy! BTW, the same brother’s son, Andrew turned 8 this week.  Happy Birthday, Dude!

Family August 2004