Kevin P. Quinn, S.J. – Headlines Post 79..

University of Scranton

Post 79 starts out with the banner that is hanging in the gym at the University of Scranton. This week is the inauguration of Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., as the 25 th President of the U. My youngest (DS3) sent this picture today. He said “Here dad, this is for your blog!”  They are enabling and encouraging me, watch out!.  DS3 is in the campus choir which will be performing at various parts of the festivities.  The schedule for the inauguration can be found here. We are not going this weekend since we will be in Scranton next week for the Marywood University Parents Weekend. The Parents Weekend at the U is the following weekend. I think spending two out of four weekends out of the month in Scranton (if you don’t live there or maybe if you do) is quite enough.

Today was a work from home day for me. My DW had a tough day. You could see the way she walked in the door. Dinner was home-made beef stroganoff  (thank you Betty Crocker). When we buy the filet mignon at the supermarket on sale, there are always parts that are too small for steaks. These get cut up and wind up in a stew or a casserole.  Yum!  On a funny note, (related funny note), DS2 texted to say that dinner for him was not so good. He also had beef stroganoff. Odd, don’t you think. I suggested a dollop of sour cream might help. He said that the food was served cold. Hmm, sour cream can’t solve that problem.
I spoke with DS1 today for a few minutes. He called to chat, seriously, chat. And the chat ended well and did not cost me any money!  When your kids get older, you will understand. He said that when he works the soccer games or volleyball games that his job is to update the online stats. So I said “When somebody picks up a ground ball (lacrosse term) and they don’t get credit for it, that will be your fault?” He said, “I hope not to be here (West Virgina) when that season comes around”. He has always had a “problem” with the people keeping stats since he usually had a few ground balls a game yet rarely go the statistical credit.  Now, he is them.  Odd sentence, but you get it.
Tonight we are scheduled to play lacrosse out doors. I’m bringing a jacket. The temp has fallen ten degrees in the last hour or so. Once we start playing, the weather won’t matter. But before and after, a jacket might be nice.  The boys in Scranton will need a coat. The forecast low for tonight up there is 37 deg.
A picture then out the door with me. Tonight’s picture come from the university website, the old copy and paste maneuver. Enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget your towel…

Scranton Towel