Like a spinning 78 rpm (post) record..

Are you old enough to know what a 78 rpm record is? Do you know what a record is? Ok, do you care?  Fair enough. (Story alert) When I was much younger, I was in the Boy Scouts. Our troop had a cabin in the woods in North Jersey. Each weekend we would go camping at the cabin.  First we might have to collect newspapers and aluminum cans to take to the scrap yard. This was in the days before the town did the recycling. We would collect bottles, cans and newspapers from various neighborhoods and then take them to the scrap place and get cash to pay the troop’s expenses. Then we would go home, grab our gear for the weekend and be gone until Sunday night.

In the cabin was an old 78 rpm record player. Since we did not have electricity out the woods, the phonograph was a wind up model in a big ornate wood cabinet. Sometimes we would play the Sousa marches on the phonograph. The troop cabin succumbed to a fire when I was about 15 years old. We spent the next three years trying to rebuild. The years I spent every weekend away from home in the woods were some of the best times of my life. Imagine being one of ten kids and having a way to escape to the woods every weekend of the year. How does that commercial go, priceless..

Soft Taco Bake

Back to present time, life marches on. My DW and I walked around the park a few times today before dinner. It is getting dark earlier and after dinner might not work due to mosquitos.  Dinner was a Soft Taco Bake.  It is like having tacos with tortillas, but you use a knife and fork to eat it. DS3 had “some ramen thingy” for dinner. Unlimited meals, choices, he eats a “ramen thingy” I texted him at 5 pm looking for a picture for tonight’s blog, he said he had already eaten. 5 pm, done with dinner. I hope they have late night food at his school. He has campus choir tonight. DS2 tried to send me a picture, something went wrong. He has wind ensemble tonight. Hopefully his picture will be available for tomorrow.  DS1  said he was working the soccer game on campus. He sent this picture of his dinner. 

Working the soccer game


Keeping up with the trend of this blog, I offer for your enjoyment this picture from my lunch. I had a coupon for two dogs for the price of one at the Windmill in Belmar, NJ. I took my dogs to go and ate by the beach in Belmar. Here is the picture.  Other than the food journey for the day, not much more to report. We did see the Harvest Moon last night while we were on the beach. The camera in my phone was not able to capture a decent picture. I wish I had brought my good camera. Good night moon.


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