Some beach, some where (country song refrain) or post 77..

DW on the beach

Here is a picture taken this evening in Ship Bottom, NJ. My DW and I went for a walk after dinner on the beach. The water was warm and the breeze was not so bad. And, the beach was pretty empty.  That is the usual deal when the kids have gone back to school in September. I would expect that if the weather cooperates this weekend, that the crowds will return.  On the way home from the beach we made a stop at one of my companies local customers and solved his database problems in person.  
Home life is settling down into a routine  now that there are just two people living in the house.  We are missing the boys, and not just when there are chores to do, really!  We both worked today. She had a three case day that took up most of her day. My big goal at work today was to take my lunch and walk for an hour in the local park. Two bites into my sandwich and  a customer that I had been chasing called me back and wanted to get his upgrades done as soon as possible.  I finished my lunch and went back to work. Failed on that goal.  Maybe tomorrow I will accomplish it. In the end, the customer is happy, we get paid and the world goes around.
DS2 was turned down for donating blood today. He was told that he was bleeding too slowly. My DW was surprised that they tried at all in light of his recent surgeries. He had his first clinical session today as a sophomore Music Therapy student. He said that the session went well. He assisted and it felt like he had never left.  That certainly made me smile.   DS3 had Introduction to Theatre, chemistry lecture and chemistry lab. He was texting this evening so I guess chemistry lab went well.  Tomorrow is his early day with 6:30 am ROTC PT.
That’s it, no real excitement.  Time for some rum (it’s medicinal) and tv then bed. Good night.
But wait there’s more. Today’s bonus picture comes from DS2’s beach collection, shot June 2, 2011. Enjoy!



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  1. Christina
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 17:06:44

    Very nice! thanks!


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