Seafood festival during a lightning 75 (post) storm..

It is Sunday here in New Jersey.  The tropical assault continues. We have an indoor – outdoor – humidity thermometer hanging in our kitchen. Today was a dreaded 777 day.  70 degrees pus inside, outside and humidity.  My DW continued to be on call today. Her call week ends early Monday morning. She was called in again this morning to do a procedure. This left me home to play Mr.Mom.  I was tasked with cleaning up the kitchen (I made the mess at breakfast), changing the sheets on the bed (boys, this appears to happen each week, make a note) and go grocery shopping.

The shopping list was already written, and since the call from the hospital was not anticipated, there were no coupons ready to go with the list. I usually go shopping with my DW each week. We divide and conquer in the store. When we get to the check out I bag the groceries into our canvas bags.  This week the young kid running the check out seeing me alone asked if I needed help with bagging the groceries. I told thanks, but no. I do this every week. In my mind there is a method to the madness. Question, when you put things on the belt at the check out, do you put the cold things together and the non cold things together. This way when the cashier has scanned them, all the like items come down to the bagger together. I mean you put your cold things all in the same bags, don’t you?  Maybe I am thinking this through too hard.

I stopped in the local fish market on the way to the grocery store since we wanted seafood for dinner and I wanted to see what the choices were this week. After hitting the grocery store (where I bought three cooked blue crabs, don’t tell the fish market), I went back to the fish market and purchased fresh mussels and fresh stone carb claws from South Carolina. I did not know nor have I ever purchased stone crab claws from South Carolina. The usual place they come from is Florida and the Florida stone crab season runs from October to May. The claws were good. I did some internet research and the stone cards are a by-product of the blue crab fishery. Hmm, you learn something everyday.

Lunch was blue crabs with Old Bay seasoning. Yum, I was surprised. If I knew they were that good I would have bought more. Snack time was toll house cookies with peanut butter chips. Dinner was the stone crab claws  and the mussels. Food, food and food. Here are some pictures. 

Fresh Stone Crab claws from South Carolina


Fresh Mussels

Not dinner, just the Tea Party

I tossed the last picture in just for the heck of it. It is neither and endorsement nor a detraction of the movement. I saw them on the side of the road while I was waiting for the traffic light to change. My blog is ment to chronicle my trip around the sun for my fiftieth year. So, an observer (and participant for sure) I am. 

The name for this post is because there was a thunderstorm during dinner. The lights browned out two or three times. We did not lose power. Now the storm has passed.
Good night all!

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  1. Christina
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 19:35:29

    Yum yum yum!


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