Movie night on the path of post 74..

Tonight my DW and I went to the movies together. For you movie buffs, that might not seem like a big deal. For us, she and I to go to the movies alone, that is a big deal in our lives. I would have to say that I have not been to the movies in over two years and not with my wife since I really don’t remember. Usually going to the movies would involve me, three or more children, popcorn, soda, candy and Dad, I have to go to the bathroom at the most exciting part of the film.

We went to see Contagion. This is the opening weekend for it  It was good. Maybe a cross between CSI, NCIS, and many of the disaster movies that have come before it. The movie did not make me feel closer to any of the characters, it seemed to me to be sort of third person-ish. Sometime you see a movie or something on tv and you feel close to the characters. You smile with them, you might even cry with them. Not the case for me in this movie. It was interesting and I am glad we went. But tug on my emotions, not tonight.  Go see it. The film gets two thumbs up (DW and I), maybe that’s four thumbs.. You get the point.

Sean ROTC Scranton 11

This picture is of the Scranton ROTC students and instructors. It was taken this morning before the corp ran in the SGK 5 k race.  All the members of the Royal Warrior Battalion were required to participate. My youngest is on the left in the front. He is holding the red guideon. He said the run was tough, but he did enjoy being out with his friends.

My DW is on call this week and had to go into work for two cases this morning. She had to be at work for 8:30 am. At 9 am the phone rings, the hospital is looking for her because there is a 10 o’clock case. I told the lady on the phone that she was already there working the 8:30 case. Obviously one hand does not talk to the other there.  When she got home I told her about the phone call. She just rolled her eyes.

College update, DS3’s big event of the day is above. Ds2 had his Super Saturday as described in yesterday’s blog. Tonight he is going to the opera. The Chinese Shanghai Yue Opera performed on campus tonight. I will have to call him on Sunday and see how it was.  The funny thing about the two universities this weekend is that the University of Scranton has this on their calendar ” Sunday, September 11, 3 p.m.  Interdependence Day and Asian Moon Festival Performance: A Musical Journey to the East, “Silk and Bamboo (Sizhu)” featuring the internationally acclaimed Chai Found Music Workshop Ensemble”  This group is from Taiwan.

Good night to all. See you in the funny papers. Ah, that triggers a thought, no really.  One of my all time favorite comic strips I have saved in my phone. Here it is!

One funny comic strip