Let the honeymoon begin at post 73..

How romantic

The honeymoon has restarted, 8, 437 days later. We went out tonight at a local favorite La Sorelle for dinner. No children, no worries and a bottle of wine.  We both enjoyed our meals, the food is excellent here.  The only thing missing was some of the dinner time banter that comes along with being a member of this family and eating dinner together. This repartee tradition goes back to when I was a child (one of ten) and we sat at the dinner table together and were expected to have something meaningful to say. Every night.

Talk about two different expectations and not at dinner. One was the pressure of having to have something to say at dinner while being judged on your story by twelve people. The other pressure was getting a chance to tell your story. Sometimes it’s tough to get a word in when 12 people are all talking at the same time.

What you learn is how to think on your feet. How to tell a story. How to keep the audience interested. Maybe dinner in my parents house as an audition for life? Too deep, maybe.  You certainly learned how to feed in the pack and how to duck and cover when things went wrong. These are definite skills that have some use in our society. DS2 has enjoyed the many spirited conversations that he has engaged in while in college. He has said more than once that he enjoys the verbal sparing that come with discussing things while a college student.
Today was a Work From Home day for me. No fuel or toll expenses. And if I eat lunch at home, minor lunch/breakfast expenses. Basically, I am a cheap date on Fridays. When the boys are home from school we usually go out for lunch. It is certainly quiet here, the phone still rings, but the telemarketers never sleep.  Ds2 seems to have resolved his “missing classes” problem from this week.
The Music Therapy department at Marywood runs a “Super Saturday” program one  Saturday a month where the music therapy students run a program for the local community that allows the care givers an hour or two off and allows the “locals” a chance to enjoy the music therapy program. I have omitted some of the customary descriptive words here using “locals” to define people from the area that need or can benefit from the music therapy program. This and other programs of community involvement were a huge factor in my son’ s being a student at Marywood.
Well, it is time to go for a dip in the hot tub. I will leave you with another picture. This one is from 2003 when DW and I went to New Orleans .  The picture is on the St. Charles street car. Enjoy!

Dw and I New Orleans 2004