On the midnight train to Georgia, aka post 72 ..

First order of business. At the bottom of post 69 was a mystery picture. No one has guessed correctly what this picture is of.  Actually, no one has guessed at all. My DW knows, so her “guess” does not count.  Feel free to comment on that blog or this one with your guess. The prize, none really. How about a 11-year-old mini van that had an episode of transmission slippage this evening while my DW was driving on the GSP in the rain?  That would be a great prize.

We were up north (Cedar Grove, NJ) for a viewing this evening. My DW’s father’s, oldest sister passed away at the age of 80. She had some health problems that caught up with her.  We paid our respects and visited with the family and friends that were gathered there. 

DW's sister and her husband

After the viewing ended we (DW and I) went to the Pilgrim Diner in Cedar Grove with her sister and her sister’s husband for some dinner.  Dinner was fun. We don’t get together enough to just sit around and talk without either families children. 
 My DW’s sister reads my blog most days, her husband said, “no offense, I don’t read your blog.”  And none taken. This blog started out as a way to chronicle my fiftieth year. And I was reminded by my DW this evening  to stay true to that idea, or start another blog.  One at a time please.
Back to dinner. The food was good, Jersey diner classic food.  We traded stories about our children. We found out that back in June their oldest child severed a tendon on the middle finger of his right hand while cutting some wood in shop class. Hmmm, missed that memo. I think the expectation was that grandma would share the news. Not this time. Then we heard how they were texting and talking with my oldest child the other night. My comment was that he was happy to talk to them since they were not his parents!  Oh, he called today to share his class and internship schedule for the semester. Then he hustled me for money to purchase some “stuff” from GNC.
 During the drive home we stopped at the rest area near Exit 98 since I had left my car there after work. I got my car back and my DW got behind the wheel of hers and we headed home. She called me a few minutes later to say the engine was revving and the car was slowing down and she was on the shoulder of the GSP with the flashers on at MM 90. Ok, I was already at MM 87.5 so I had to go north then south to get back to her. I checked the transmission fluid, it seemed ok and the correct color. I told her to drive my car home and I would drive hers. We got home without any more excitement. This is problem that needs watching. DS2 had a good day at Marywood University today. We traded texts over the course of the day. He says that his eye sight is fine and that he does not need help from the school with reading or taking notes. DS3 checked in a few times during the day as well.
Here is a picture taken Sunday while we were in Scranton.   Enjoy!

DS2 and DS3 Scranton 2011

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  1. Christina
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 00:47:26

    Two new Scrantonians for sure….


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