It’s not the heat it’s the 71 (post) humidity..

A summer funk has returned to the Jersey shore. You may have experienced it once or twice. This is a day where the temperature is 80 degrees and the humidity is 80 percent.  I seem to be less tolerant of these conditions as I am getting older. Either that or I am less stubborn when it comes to turning the a/c on. So far today we have resisted, but I’m not interested in spending the night sweating. That’s quite an attractive picture, believe me! Fortunately the rain from Tropical Rainstorm Lee has stayed to our west. So we have the tropical humidity, not the actual rain falling from the sky. Those areas in NJ and the surrounding states that got flooded during the hurricane are getting soaked again.

In the midst of this steam bath we (DW and I) are discussing the January lacrosse tournament in Florida. I have already booked one of the two weeks in a timeshare. I am holding out for another full unit the second week. She is looking at her schedule to see when she can come down. I can work remotely from Florida and only use five days of vacation while being there for two full weeks.  One of the interesting considerations is that somebody will need to be in NJ in late January to DS3 back to school. DS2 goes back earlier than his brother. The University of Scranton has an inter session class schedule during January.  Details, details. I will be warm, they will be cold.

I was in the office again today. I am on a .1000 streak working in the office this week.  Friday I will work from home and break that streak. Dinner was chicken and mozzarella ravioli from COSTCO with home-made gravy.  Yum, yum. DS3 had Chic – Fil -A for dinner. They have one of these on campus and you can use your meal card there (to some extent). DS2 had clam chowder. He said he had a late lunch and was not that hungry. Two of his classes seem to have dropped him since he was out for two weeks. He attended both classes today and spoke with both professors. Hopefully this will be resolved tomorrow.  I found out that there was a problem during one of my infrequent trolls through the Facebook world. I asked DS2 to consider texting, calling, emailing or foxing (click for video, it’s safe and funny) me information like this. I am still not convinced that Facebook is a good thing. I’ve heard some stories.

One of the things I learned this week,  (Yes, the old dog can learn new tricks! ) was that 500 words or so is enough. I read a few blogs and found myself reading the first paragraph then seeing how long the post was. These were the determining factors if I was going to read the entire blog. Hmmm, made me think. Keep it short and hook ’em early.

Picture time. Today’s picture come DS1’s 23 rd birthday this summer. Enjoy!

Can we just take the picture, please?

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