You see officer, I was only doing 70 (post)..

Ok, so it was a 45 mph zone.  Not really, but an interesting opening.  This evening was a lot a fun. Uncle Dude stopped by for dinner. How did Uncle Dude get his nickname? Funny story about that (of course!). Back in the dark ages when we still had children around the house, there was a message on our answering machine one day when we all returned from being out somewhere together. So the kids are walking around the kitchen and I see the answering machine blinking. I played the message “Dude, I’m coming down this weekend. Let’s get together and have a few beers!”  My kids asked, who was that? I explained that this was a childhood friend who lived up north. His family has a trailer on LBI and he was coming down for the weekend to visit with his family.  So, Uncle Dude was born.  Now, when my kids text me the usual open line is “Dude”

We had crab cakes made from the crab meat left over from yesterdays stuffed shrimp dinner. We added zucchini sautéed in garlic, olive oil and soy sauce. Topped off with a salad.  It was a delicious meal.  We traded stories about our children and our families. Most of the news from his side was good.  (Note to family members, contact me directly for the bad news). A distressing part of his life is that his 24-year-old son has moved back home. Granted the boy is trying to save money so he can get his masters degree. But, we (DW and I) are pretending that the boys are gone and only returning for brief visits. Not an extended stay. The more people I talk to the more it seems that the kids go off the college or maybe the military and then return back home to live with their parents. 

Uncle Dude did four years in the Army Signal Corps. We discussed DS3’s interest in the Army and the scholarship opportunities that he missed out on and the opportunities that are ahead of him. We heard some of the stores from Uncle Dude’s basic training days. After a while, DW asked if she should be hearing these stories about boot camp and army life. Hmmm, good question. She and I are already concerned about our baby. 

So far we have not texted or spoken with the college boys much today. I worked from the office for the first time in two weeks, she worked late due to a patient trying to go bad.  DS2 says that choir went well. I will call him after this and see how his classes went.

Making good choices

  DS3 sent me a picture from some alcohol awareness seminar that he had to attend tonight. His caption was “See dad, they want me to drink!” I admit as a parent we don’t think our two younger kids drink. How about a category for those who average no drinks in a week? This school is the king of statistics.

I hope you enjoyed, I get a kick out of the random people who I don’t know (or those that I do know) who like or leave comments.

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