66 Lobsters with a fever (post)

Well, the 66 would happen to be the number of posts/days since I turned 50. I just keep churning them out. Some days I am inspired, some days seem to be a struggle.  Today’s post is about my family. Not my DW and three excellent children. No, this is about my 9 siblings.  My brother who lives in Texas (the stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas) sorry for that aside, I could not resist. Back on track. My brother who live in Texas has a lobster bake each Labor Day at his home in Texas (tsanababdithot).  Each year the siblings are invited down for food and family games. We made the trip years ago, one of the first lobster fest weekends. Since then getting the kids into college and “stuff” has gotten in the way. This year’s fest is poised to be a real party since most of the siblings will be attending.

The local supermarket has lobsters on sale this week. Since DS2 is the only child home and he enjoys the “crustacean sensation”  meal, this being lobster, snow or king crab, any kind of crustacean, we took advantage of the sale and brought home four lobsters. Dinner was in his words “magnificent”. Words like that make the cook smile. Filet mignons were also on sale. Tomorrow I will trim the meat up and we will have filet mignon tomorrow night. Then Sunday, off to college for him. I guess he will miss these weekend feasts. In the world of the ongoing eye doctor saga, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today’s doctor visit went really well. The doctor has cleared him to return to school. The doctor’s advice, use common sense when it come to what DS2 can and can not do. He laid down some very definite rules, no trumpet until October 1, eye drops for three to four more weeks, no yoga until after October 1, and no contacts until October 1.  DS2 has his next doctor visit the day after Thanksgiving.

The oldest and youngest have been on the back burner these last two weeks. Now that the middle child seems on track, we can spread out our “parenting” to include the other two.  I’m not sure if they will see this as a good thing.

Tonight’s picture is of  DS3 in his ACU’s. Last night picture was not the best. Here he is up and ready to go first thing in the morning. I gave him the business about his smile… Parents (ugg). I was hoping to add a picture of the lobsters that were tonight’s dinner, but my Android phone and my Dropbox account are not working together tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

I can see the mirror