Cabin fever 65 (post)..

Not really bad, but when you are accustomed to going into the office everyday (for four days a week), not being there for almost two weeks seems like an eternity. I was last in the office on August 22. Last week was a loss as far as work goes due to DS2 and his eye surgeries. This week I am the designated eye drop giver, four-time a day with one medicine, three times a day with the other. Thankfully, I can work from home so that neither of us would have to use vacation time or go unpaid for the second week in a row. The last time I was out of the office for two weeks straight was when I worked from Florida in January during the lacrosse tournament. I really hope that my desk is not a complete mess from two weeks worth of inter office paperwork. I’m not a neat freak by any means, but things do belong in their place. Today for lunch DS2 and I had leftovers. 

My DW was on call for the day. She had to go into work around lunch time. When she returned home she took DS2 down to the high school. This afternoon the marching band was putting on a parents preview in the stadium. Ds2 was in the marching band for four years and he still has friends that are involved. He and my wife enjoyed the music and the marching. DS2 struggled with the glare. One of the medicines he has been on for the last ten days dilates your eyes. So being outside is painful without sunglasses. And, ask you can probably guess, he does not have prescription sunglasses. Why would you have prescription sunglasses when you wear contacts? Oh, for the time when you can not wear your contacts.. Hmm, way to much of that be prepared stuff.

Dinner was burgers, pommes frites, fried zucchini and fresh mozzarella with a side order of home-made pickles. We made some of the pommes frites with Old Bay seasoning, some just had salt and pepper. I put the top back up on the shelter that covers our back deck today.  Slowly we are putting out world back together. I am certain that we are very fortunate due to our good outcome from the storm. Several of the customers I spoke with today still do not have power, one said that they are being told Saturday or Sunday.  Many of our support calls over the last 30 hours have to do with computers that either got shut down deliberately or the store lost power and now the computers won’t work.  One of our customers had two computer that blew out their power supplies. Probably due to a power surge. Instead of fixing them, they chose to replace them with new computers. So I guess our company will benefit from the storm as well.

College update.. (listen for the echo, echo echo)

DS1, no contact today. He did send a picture of his dinner cooking last night

DS2 getting better everyday. He is so looking forward to returning to school. Doctor visit tomorrow morning.

DS3 in his ACU


DS3 sent a picture this morning of him in what I’m guessing are his ACU’s.  That would be his Army Combat Uniform. The picture was taken in a mirror so the flash kind of ruins the picture. I will try to add it tonight unless it looks to bad. He had his first ROTC lab day this afternoon. We are waiting for choir to be over to get our daily update. 


I went through several old hard drives today continuing my archival work. I found a cd of pictures from 2003. That year we had rented a house on Pine Island, Florida for two weeks during the kids spring vacation. It was fun to look back at those pictures. I will add one picture from that collection tonight. In this picture we are standing on the fishing pier in Fort Myers Beach. We had just had our afternoon ice cream. I think the kids were bored because they were walking around town, not playing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Those were some fun times.  Enjoy


FT Myers Florida 2003