I can’t drive 55 (post)…

I could not resist. That heading really has nothing to do with tonight’s blog. But what a song from 1984!  I wonder how many guys (maybe a few girls) got speeding tickets to that song. I escaped that option, thankfully.  On with today’s business. Today DS1 left for college, probably for the last time. He needs 10 credits to graduate. He will be stopping in Philadelphia tonight to visit his best friend from hight school. Monday through Wednesday he will be visiting with his college girlfriend. He should arrive in Wheeling on Wednesday or Thursday. He spent some of yesterday and today washing clothes and packing the car. His mother walked behind him every now and then and tried to make sure he took all his stuff. His room looks better than it has all summer. The bed is made and there are less clothes on the floor. The parts came in for the laptops on Saturday, so I was able to fix the computer that he will use before he left. That save me the trouble of shipping the computer to him. our computer, that is another story. I ordered/received the wrong part. So, I have to source the correct part out. It helps to have the part to search by the number.

But, back to DS1 and his story. He spent the night at a friend’s house returning ten ish this morning. Then laundry, gym and tv (waiting for the washing machine to finish)  DS3 was working at the bark and biscuit and got of work early so he was able to come home and say good-bye to his brother. DS2 also said goodbye. Both of his parents were teary eyed, DW more so than me. The realization that this will be his last semester in college and that he will probably move to Allentown to be with his girlfriend after graduation, brough tears to our eyes. No wise ass, not tears of joy, but bittersweet tears. We wish the best for our children.  This trip to college has an air of finality to it. College lacrosse is done, all that’s left is to get down to business and graduate.

I worked from home today. My employer has allowed me to pick up time during off hours as long as I document what was done.  Working killed the day, but I probably would have done nothing really important (except for sending the oldest off to college). The humid weather returned to New Jersey today. Yesterday was rough, but today the humidity got to be too much so the a/c is back on after taking a 5 day break.

We had Steak Dianne for dinner tonight. The recipe come from Omaha Steaks. The meat, not from Omaha Steaks. Every now and then the grocery store will have filet mignon on sale. Since I have experience using a knife (I worked in the seafood business for 20 + years) I am not afraid to trim the meat and package it for the freezer. We also bring home the huge pork loin when it is on sale and trim and portion that as well. We did not go food shopping today. I was busy and my DW decided that we would eat some of the stuff in the freezer since after Saturday it should only be the two of us.

Off to watch some football on tv tonight. Here is a picture of DS1 in his car, waving before he drove off this afternoon. Enjoy!

DS1 heading out, back to school 2011


Carnival, circus or just a family 54 (post) dinner..

Today was a fun, family day. When your kids are 23, 20 and 18 a fun family day is different from when they 14, 12 and 10 years old. If your children are younger than mine, here is some in sight into living with three children who are around twenty years old. Last night I woke up at 3:50 am in the morning. I’m not sure what woke me up, but I decided to go to the bathroom and then try to fall back asleep.  Our home has only one bathroom. Yes, five people, one bathroom. So the bathroom door is closed at 3:50 am, I knock, you never know. Somebody grunts, hmmm ok. I will wait my turn. I walked though the first floor to make sure things were ok. There were two towels hanging on kitchen chairs. Hmm, I guess DS1 came home and went into the hot tub with a friend or two. I closed the back door, turned off the lights and went back to see if it was my turn. The bathroom was empty. I went in, then I heard steps on the cellar stairs coming up. Then, knock, knock on the bathroom door. Dude, it’s 4 am and I appear to live in a college dorm! I finished my turn and there was DS1 waiting for his turn.  Well, I thought in two weeks this won’t happen (hopefully).

Yes, the day started early. I fell back to sleep. Slow morning, newspaper and coffee. Then I made breakfast potatoes, pork roll and scrambled egg crepes. They turned out good.  Ds3 went to the eye doctor, my DW went with him. We were not looking for anymore surprises. Reference? See yesterday’s blog for details. Everything went well at the eye doctor today. While she was out with DS3, I looked through the Cuisine at Home magazines looking for a special meal to make since this could be our last dinner as a family until Thanksgiving. After looking and pondering I came up with a menu:

  • First course would be lobster rolls, lobster meat, mayo and seasonings served on a crispy top sliced hot dog roll
  • Second course would be shrimp bisque. I found an easy recipe this winter that we both like
  • Main course would be Chilean Sea Bass, tomatoes, olives and onions served over couscous with pan-fried zucchini on the side
  • Dessert would be a pink champagne cake

All the dinner items would be made from recipes, and all from scratch. So, my DW made a shopping list and off we went. We got home later with our booty and started cooking and prepping the meal. Dinner was at 7 pm tonight. Everybody was there on time. The consensus on the meal was this, the lobster rolls were good, make them again. The shrimp bisque was good, make it again. The sea bass and the other stuff, especially the couscous, no thanks. The sea bass was good, the rest forgettable. The cake, delicious!  It made for a fun night with the boys goofing on the work couscous and other silliness. After dinner my DW insisted on the boy’s putting on their school sweatshirt for a picture on the back deck. This was a project. But in the end, I think I may have a useful Christmas picture. Or, we will have to try harder at Thanksgiving.

DS1 is off to his high school buddies house for the night. His plan is to head west Sunday sometime and stop and see his girlfriend for a few days then keep heading west and arrive in Wheeling, WV by mid-week or so.  DS3 starts his last week of work on Sunday. Five more days and he is done for the summer. He is scheduled to be delivered to school next Saturday with a 12:30 pm move in time. At his school the move in times are assigned.

Last night, DS2 came up to me around 8 pm and asked if I wanted to make zombies? The back story is that he got me a Zombie of the Month calendar for Christmas. Each month has a different zombie, duh. The neat part is that they include cut out and glue figures that resemble that month’s zombie. So we spent three hours last night making zombies and listening to the Jimmy Buffett concert from Jones Beach, NY. It was nice to spend some time with him. He is growing up so fast, really.

This being Saturday, the picture of the day will include a bonus picture, see two for one, maybe  BOGO, could be. Either way, enjoy!

The boys 2011









Our collection of zombies


No coupon needed for 53 (post)..

Greetings, Happy Friday!  Today was the second day in a row where I worked from home. I had a busy morning at work and a quiet work afternoon. Today’s monkey wrench, don’t make plans (or be flexible) is courtesy of the local eye doctor. It seems that when DS2 went in for has annual exam she dilated his eyes and saw “something” in his right eye. She has recommended that he see a retina specialist as soon as possible. She also done not want him carrying or listing heavy things or jumping around. So, Sunday was supposed to be his move in day at college. Tuesday morning he has an appointment with the retina specialist here in New Jersey. School is in Scranton, PA. He will stay home Sunday and miss classes Monday and Tuesday. When everything goes ok Tuesday morning, he will be able to drive late Tuesday afternoon and move in Tuesday evening. Hopefully, fingers crossed.  He is very disappointed. He has been looking forward to going back to school ever since he got home. He has emailed his teachers and advisor so that they know what is going on.  Crap..

Here’s another minor curve ball. Just last week after spending part of a month researching laptop computers, different memory, different brands, different processors, I came up with a set of requirements for the laptop for DS3 for college. Not even a week after we proudly purchased “the right stuff” from HP, the news wires are carrying a story that HP is getting out of the consumer computer business. Dude!  I killed the consumer computer business for HP! I am a giant killer! I figured to stay away from the small, no name brands and choose a large company, a reliable company, a company that is running away from the consumer computer industry.  I hope this does not have a negative impact on our purchase. After the first year, I am the tech support person anyway.

On the plus side I still have a smile on my face. I get to enjoy the company of my children for a few extra days. Everybody was home today, except for the eye doctor visits and the trip to the gym. Not me, DS1 went. I like the outdoors. There looked like we were going to have a huge thunderstorm, but the storm seemed to get within ten miles of the coast and just made a left and slid off to the north. I guess I will have to water the garden tomorrow.  Maybe in the morning I will wake DS3 up and go down to the local lacrosse field and throw around for an hour. I can always use the practice. Pizza for dinner, we had two, two dollar off coupons for the local pizzeria. One pie with chicken parmigiana, the other a plain cheese pie. Yum. It is still too hot to make homemade pizza. I need to run the oven at 500 degrees for 45 minutes so the pizza stones are good and hot. That is great in the winter time, but just too damn hot in the summer time.

Another bonus in our lives arrived on the UPS truck yesterday. No, not the parts to fix my laptop, the are in shipping somewhere. But a set of seventeen Cuisinart pots and pans. Why so excited you ask? Well, they are new and they were free!  My DW has been at the hospital for twenty-five years and when you hit a certain milestone of years, they provide a “gift” to the employee. So she got her plaque and a pin number to the gift fulfilment website. She and I looked at the pages of items at her level and she decided that the pots and pans would be the best choice. So she did her thing on the website and the brown truck delivered. Most of the posts and pans in the house are over fifteen years old, still useable, but certainly well-loved. We put them in the cellar for the first child that will move out and need pots and pans. I used the  six-inch frying pan this morning to make crepes for the boys. I filled the crepes with bananas. The bananas were cooked similar to a bananas foster, without the rum. They turned out good.

Picture time, picture time. Tonight’s picture come from DS2’s twentieth birthday. Enjoy!

DS2 on his 20 th Birthday 2011

Into the valley of death rode 52 (post)…

Not really, just trying to be different. So today was a better day. I decided at 11:30 last night that I would work from home today. So I did. Usually Friday’s are work from home days, but when you need a mental health day, working from home will often do the trick. I got my work done, turning lead into gold and other lost magical arts.

It seems for me at least, that the problems that build up in your mind, don’t always look so difficult to solve when they are written down. All of yesterday’s issues remain, yet today I am not as manic about them.  My DW’s comment about reading yesterday’s blog was “Oh my!”.  It’s a good thing we communicate.  LOL.

DS2 picked up his last check today from the Acme. Yesterday he had a tooth pulled, I found out at dinner. He said his mom was aware, I must have missed the memo. We are trying to make them more independent and when they are, it drives us (me) crazy. I think my mother suffered from the same syndrome. It must have a name. I will do some google reasearch. Parents prepare their children to be adults and make decisions and when they make those decisions, the parents want to know why they were not consulted. The reason I did not consult my parents was that I knew everything and they had prepared me to be an adult.  I thought it made perfect sense as did my mother when she told me to be out of the house by sundown.  It’s funny how things go around in circles. I will try to do better.

DS1 worked his last work day for the summer season today. He spent the summer packing fishing boats in Barnegat Light. He got a good taste of physical labor and got to experience what his father did for a living 23 years ago before he was born. I hope he takes these memories back to school this fall and finishes up with a bang. (A bang being a good thing!)

DS3 worked at the bark and biscuit. He is off for the next two days then working Sunday – Thursday. Thursday will be his last day since he goes off to college a week from Saturday.  Tonight he and I and a lacrosse buddy and his son drove an hour to Manalpan, NJ to play lacrosse. I checked the radar before leaving the house and was not impressed by what I saw. As we drove up Route 9, north of I 195, we watched lighting, lots of lightning. When we got to the park it was raining and booming. We sat for about twenty minutes watching an excellent lightning storm. Then we had a flash and an instant bang in the parking lot where we were. That sealed our fate and we decided to head home. Dry and alive, we can play lacrosse another time.

On the way home we stopped at Ice Cream on 9 for a post (non-lacrosse) snack. DS3 and I stopped here last week, yum and yum. This week I had Tiramisu ice cream in a hot fudge sundae.  There will be some exercise required tomorrow.

Tomorrow will either be a work from home day of  I will take a personal day. It will be therapeutic either way. However, all three of the children will be home tomorrow, at the same time. Only my DW is going to work (outside of the home). It might be quieter in the office on a Friday in mid-August. The only down side will be the traffic heading south in the afternoon. I will decide in the morning.

Tonight’s picture is from the inside of Ice Cream on 9. Stop by some time. The store is on the south side of Route 9 just north of where Route 9 and I 195 intersect. the White Castle is directly across the highway.

Ice Cream on 9


Beware the Ides of 51 (post) March..

Man, crazy, crazy, crazy. I am absolutely crazy today.  It’s like I’m off my medication (if it were only that simple). Try this list:

  • The family laptop decides to go screen dark this morning. Probably needs an inverter. This will require that I take the screen of the laptop apart to replace the part. Doable, not on my list this week. Parts on order.
  • DS3 started putting together his book list for college. His classes are linked in the book store at school to the books (maybe) required. The titles listed are convoluted shortening of the names, probably to keep you from figuring out exactly what the book is so you can shop around. In frustration you just click “add to cart”. Then as we are going through the class list to make sure that he did not miss a class, we find a computer course “that does not need a book” listing a 200.00 book. Pushes his total for the semester close to 800 dollars! Yikes! We closed all those windows, that decision process will be for another day.
  • Traffic both ways this week has been unreal. If they had not finished the third lane, I would have spent an extra 45 minutes each way this week. And all crazy people, driving fast and loose, not looking where they are going. Ugg.
  • Work has been nuts. It is not still the full moon and things are just nuts.
  • One child leaves Saturday, one leaves Sunday, one leaves a week from Saturday. That is probably the main stressor in my life.  It will all work out in the end, but I am a detail first person and this is making me crazy.
  • I picked a half of a five gallon pail of tomatoes today. They might go to work or they might go to our freezer. And one nice zucchini. We have had more zucchini this summer from this one plant then the last four years of growing many plants each year. This one was a mistake, I thought it was a cucumber.
  • I’m working on DS3’s new laptop. I don’t think I like the keyboard. Maybe I just need to practice on it. The replacement parts will take a few days, so I should get the practice.
  • Speaking of new computers, I feel sorry for anyone buying a new computer. Really. I do computers for a living and have invested more than ten hours of my life to get all the downloads and windows updates completed. Then you need to configure your email, where will you save your files, Dropbox, quicken, on and on. I can do it, but the average person would be lost. Good luck, thanks for all the fish.

So, I have ranted. I still have my epic story to tell. I’m too crazy to finish it tonight (I think I said that) .My DW knows that it is not about her. Or she  will when she reads this.  Wahooooo, at the end, time to pick out a picture.  In this picture DS3 was in 7 th grade doing a musical in Summer Stock at the local elementary school. He was the news broadcaster, dressed like a dog.

DS3 was news broadcaster, Summer Stock 2005

Hiding out in post 50..

Really, post fifty!  It seems that the days when I was mobile and not, that post forty-five was written a few time. I lost track of the actual post number.  Today is Tuesday here in New Jersey. The weather has moderated. They are calling a for low temperature  in the 60’s tonight.  The a/c has been off for a few days now. I’m liking that a lot. Dinner was pot stickers from COSTCO. They were the free sample on Saturday during our shopping excursion. It was a meal where everybody was excited to eat. That is unusual. Most nights there is somebody who does not like the choice for dinner.  I’m glad we bought them.

After dinner DW took the two younger children down to the Wal-Mart vision center to make appointments for eye exams before they go back to school. She has been chasing them (the children) for two weeks and finally had to take the bull by the horns to get it done.  The usual eye doctor is on vacation and not available. You might think that the company that employs that eye doctor would limit vacations during the back to school time of year.  Just a thought.  I mean when DS3 was working in the shoe store during the back to school time of year, it was all hands on deck.

Work was ok today. DS3 was off. DS2 is unemployed until Monday when he returns to his full-time student occupation. He told us at dinner that he loves us and has enjoyed being home this summer but he can’t wait to be back at school. DS1 drove to Allentown, PA last night to spend the night with his college girl friend. He was back home 7:15 am this morning so he could be at work for 8 am on LBI. Funny, most days it seems a miracle that he gets up and out of the house on time, never mind that he can get up early enough to drive two hours home then on to work. I’ve said it before, the boy is in love.

Short blog today, not much other than life going on. Tonight’s picture comes from May of 2011. DS2 sang in the chorus freshmen year. The spring concert was by a composer named Rachmaninoff. The songs were in Russian or Slavic. I’m not sure. In this picture he and my DW are in the Rotunda at Marywood University before the performance. Enjoy!

Posing for a picture before the concert, May 2011



To the sound of 47 (post) car horns..

Do you still get the newspaper delivered to your home each day?  We do, but I am starting to doubt the reason for receiving the newspaper. My DW clips the coupons in the Sunday paper. I read the Saturday and Sunday papers and maybe the Wednesday paper since it usually contains recipes. The rest of the week (and those days too) the paper is just a rehash of the days events that I have seen and read about on-line. In the last year the paper has gotten narrower and shorter. There are fewer pages each day. Now they clip pages out of USA Today to fill some of the content.  It makes me wonder if there is actually anybody still working locally to produce the paper. I find the whole downsizing of our newspaper quite sad. Maybe it is time to go for weekend delivery only.  My DW clips all the coupons in the paper. The ones that we can not use she sends to various military bases around the world where the military families can use the coupons to purchase items in their PX. 

Today, Monday was a busy work day. I had to wrap up the two weekend jobs first thing. Both went well. My DW had the day from hell ahead of her so I coordinated the cooking and such for dinner with DS2 who is now on vacation. He leaves for school on Sunday. After dinner DS3 and I went to play lacrosse in Robbinsville. It was a good 90 minute run of lacrosse.  There were enough players that everybody got as much field time as they wanted. We have one more summer session and then I really don’t know. There are rumors that the facility is being torn down to build a hotel or maybe the hotel will be on the same site sharing the parking lot. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Bed time comes soon here in NJ, so off I go. Tonight’s pictures is from Saturday night’s lacrosse game in Annapolis. After the game they had fireworks.   Enjoy!

Fireworks in Annapolis, MD


Impending empty 46 (post) nest..

Greetings fellow travelers around the sun. A ho-hum weekend turned into something special.  The last two blogs have been mobile, limiting their length. Tonight I’m home, relaxing with the family. Saturday (yesterday) was supposed to be a do nothing, laid back kinda of day. Then the Lime Guy (third person reference, but why?) decides to go to Annapolis for a MLL lacrosse game. But, really the day started out much earlier than that. Missing from the daily blog, was that at 04:00 DW and I got up, put on our bathing suits (that means shorts for me) and headed out to our hot tub. Friday night into Saturday morning was the projected peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Since the moon was still mostly full, a late night just before sunrise was the best time for viewing. None of the meteor showers that I have witnessed have ever peaked at 11 pm. They always seem to peak in the middle of the night.

We went into the hot tub which was nice and warm and laid back looking east away from the light of the moon. And we waited, patiently. It’s not like they turn the switch on. We stayed in the hot tub for about thirty minutes seeing about ten meteors. Two of them were really bright fireballs, the rest were just quick flashes.  Then we went back to bed. Enough of that. I really could not fall back soundly to sleep after being awake and in  the hot tub. Then the day started. Yesterday’s blog detailed the foibles of the morning. After driving to Annapolis and back it was about 1 am when we got to sleep.  That makes for quite a long day.  The next morning  I said to DW, well honey, we certainly got our money’s worth out of yesterday!  Someday’s you seem to just exist, other days you really experience life to its fullest.  I for one vote for more days to the fullest. Make that extra effort, you never know the outcome.

Sunday started slow. Did I mention the booty that we brought home from Annapolis? Funny, read the last blog from Annapolis for some background. You can search the site. We brought home three half gallons of cream line chocolate milk and one pound of fresh picked Jumbo Lump crab meat. Yum! The plan was for each boy to get their own half-gallon of chocolate milk and when it was gone, tough luck. This did not workout since the parents were too tired to inform/enforce the deal. Oh well, I had some and it was quite good. The usual Sunday plan include sleeping in (if possible), grocery shopping and such. Today I worked from home for extra pay. With the three boys going to school in the next two weeks, college related expenses will be raising.

Today my DW started pushing DS2 towards packing and getting organized. His plan is to pack the car Saturday night and leave early Sunday so he can get a jump on moving in. He is in fair shape as far as packing, the week ahead should be telling on his resolve to get out early. School starts August 22. He is excited to be going back. Nice! He went to party with some of him high school friends last night. There was some drinking by his friends, he choose not to. Good for him.  We rented a micro fridge for his room today. Books done, micro fridge done, some clothes packed, done, t-shirts still needed.  He is done working for the summer, having retired from his summer job. He hopes to be working in the meat room next summer instead of the deli. Time will tell.

So the exodus schedule is looking like DS2 Sunday, DS1 Saturday, DS3 a week later. Then we can clean the house and try to get things straightened out. Hopefully there will be some painting down this fall. And maybe, the food bill will decrease. Today’s food bill was a jumbo experience since we had a prime rib roast for dinner. Yum, yum and yum. Along with the fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp and fresh mozzarella, soft shorts were a good clothing choice. I will get to run these calories off Monday playing lacrosse.

Tonight’s picture is sent to us by DS3 from work. The picture is of Jada. She is a pit bull. She and DS3 are good friends.


Gimme’ a 45 (post) ..


Today’s blog is mobile as well. This morning upon seeing that there is no pro lacrosse on tv tonight I saw to my DW ” Hey” She says, yes?  I said” How about we go to Annapolis to see the Bayhawks play?” So, we got our chores done and drove three hours south. I am writing this in the Navy – Marine Corps Stadium.
We did not buy tickets in advance since the game never sells out. We went downtown for a crabcake sandwich and ice cream for dinner. When we got to the stadium I went to purchase tickets. I saw a guy sitting in the bus shelter. He asked if I was going to get tickets. He had tickets to sell. Fifteen dollar tickets for ten dollars. He saw my Lake Placid tee shirt and asked if I played this year. Then he asked who I played with. When I told him who I played with, he knew the team organizer and had stayed in his house. He knew many of the current team members. Goes to show lacrosse is a small world.
We are driving home tonight after the game.  It appears that tonight is also fireworks night!  That explains the crowd and the extra security. Here is a picture of the stadium.

A soul song 45 (post) cue sax..


Today’s post comes to you thanks to the cell tower nearest to the Tuckerton Seaport. We are down at the seaport for the free (is for me) summer concert series featuuring the Bill Walton Band.  So far the band is rocking pretty good. The seaport is just a ten minute ride south from home. The free music choices tonight were a jazz quartet on LBI or rock n roll in Tuckerton.
Today was a work from home Friday. Yea! DS1, DS2 and DW all went to work, DS1 is off for the day. Lunch time I looked out in the Lime Guy Used Car Lot and there was not a car to be found. 10 days ago I owned 5 cars, then one died and mine is in the shop for a coolant leak. So , I walked the mile plus to Bagels and Beyond for my Friday chicken cheesesteak. Once again the sandwich was a home run. Walked back home and finished the day out.
Played lacrosse last night for two hours under the stars. There was a beautiful full moon last night. We were short handed again.  I did get to play with DS3. He was reluctant to pass me the ball until I threatened to make him walk home. It was all in good fun.
So far a quiet weekend is planned. Tomatoes to the freezer, ride my bike and feed the mosquitos.  Tonight’s picture is of the band. Enjoy!

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