When I’m 64 (post)..

Thank you to the Beatles for that opening line tonight.  Jimmy Buffett is 64 this year. One of the first computers was the Commodore 64.  Just a few 64 references for the post. I am back to using my laptop as a laptop tonight. About ten days ago the screen went dark. So I did some web research (fancy way of saying that I googled the problem) and I decided to buy an inverter for the computer. My other little laptop had the same problem.  So I bought two inverters. They came in a few days, and I fixed the little laptop with no problems. When I swapped out the old inverter for the new one (in my laptop), the screen lit for about five seconds and quit.  I took the inverter out and compared it to the original. They had different part numbers.  I contacted the original seller and they decided to send me another “correct” one for free.

While I waited for this new one to be sourced and shipped, I bought another one. They both came in within a day of each other and neither worked. This was certainly discouraging. I was out about 100 dollars in parts and no closer to a working computer. So I sourced a new screen that came with an inverter already attached. The new screen came today and I swapped the old one out and bamm, the laptop is back in business. I probably would have bought the screen the first time, but everything I read on-line said that the problem is usually the inverter. Shows me.

The other technology hurdle that was conquered (at home) was that I have two external hard drives on the network for storing pictures and documents. Two weeks ago one of the units stopped showing up on the network. Since I was feeling lucky  today I took a shot at reviving it. After some more web reasearch, I downloaded a program that upgraded the software on the unit. And now it is working correctly. Two for two today. At work they finally got the phones working. It was late in the day so not many people figured out that the phones were working before the day ended. I would expect that tomorrow will be crazy as a hurricane weekend and three days of problems all show up at the same time. Can’t wait. I have been working from home all week while I take care of DS2. That will probably be the deal again tomorrow.

College update (visualize weekend update with Chevy Chase):  DS1, no contact so far today. As i proofread this, DS1 surfaces with a picture of some burgers cooking on a grill. I guess they are having a cookout at his house tonight.

Cook out, Wheeling, WV

 Ds2’s eyesight continues to improve.  He worked on some school work again today. He is making plans with his friends for the weekend. Friday we go back to the doctor. DS3 had his first ROTC PT training from 6:30 to 7:30 this morning. His first class of the day (Math) starts at 8:00 am. He is having trouble with the math teacher’s accent.  For a child that needs help in math, this is not a good sign. He will be going to the learning center to see about getting extra help. There are two other ROTC kids in the class, so he should have study buddies if nothing else. The rest of his day went well. He told us that he is going on a weekend field trip with ROTC late in September. They will go to some woods near West Point and do ROTC stuff. I’m sure I will get a better description in the weeks to come.

DW, worked all day. She called me in the morning with a computer technical question. I guess I will have to bill her for that time.  Me, I worked from home. Ground up tomatoes from the garden and put them in the freezer. I cooked an oven stuffer/roaster chicken for dinner. It might be time to buy smaller birds. We certainly have leftovers. 

Tonight’s picture come from the resurrected external hard drive.  This is the first day of school picture from September 5, 2000. In the picture from left to right: DS1, Ds2, DS3 and friend from up the street. Enjoy! 

First day of School September 5, 2000

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