Irrelevant work at 63 (post)

Admittedly an odd subject line tonight. But, it is relevant in a discussion about irrelevant work.  Got that, did I spin those words or what?  There we go.  During dinner we were discussing college with DS2. The poor child is either enjoying being the only child or dreading being the only child. When you are used to being one of three children around the table, there is currently nowhere to hide.  They all learned at an early age that when mom and dad where interrogating your sibling, you should shut up and lay low with the hopes that the microscope would not be aimed at you.

So DS2 tells us that one of his classmates, a junior music education major, has signed him up to be in the Jazz Band at Marywood this fall. DS2 was in the middle school and high school jazz bands. He decided last year that he would rather not be in the jazz band and declined to sign up.  The following is an aside..  Have you ever been a member of a volunteer organization and missed a meeting? Did you attend the next meeting to find out that you were elected to the board in your absence? This is what happened to DS2.

DS2 says that he is ok with being in the Jazz Band. But,  that he feels that being a Music Therapy major and being in the jazz band is “irrelevant work”  He is not a jazz performance major. He is in the choir, the wind ensemble, the campus orchestra and the trumpet ensemble. (B, If i missed one, I am sorry) He feels that this is sufficient and that being in the jazz band is irrelevant work.

I for one almost fell out of my chair!. How would you like to tell your pointy haired boss (Dilbert reference) that while you don’t mind more work at work, you are not interested in any more irrelevant work.  I think the look on your bosses face would be priceless.  This would probably be followed by some directive to “just get it done”, a huff and the end of the conversation. But, wouldn’t be fun?

Current events for today.. DS1 will be providing a schedule for school and work soon. I think he sees me as the pointy haired boss. 🙂 DS2 continues to make progress. Today I took him to COSTCO to get out of the house and see the world. He has been home in his personal space for too long now. I can change that for sure. DS3 is doing better. We spoke today and he seems to be pulling it together. I need to remember that this is his college experience and my job is to witness. He received his ROTC gear today. He said he has enough stuff to go off to war, oh great. Not exactly what a parent wants to hear.  The 6:30 am physical training starts tomorrow. Should be interesting.

My DW and I have a quiet evening planned. I made Veal Francese for dinner. This recipe came from my younger sister. She used make this years ago when I would sleep over on lacrosse nights up north.  And in a completely unrelated thought, the mosquitos in New Jersey have spawned since the hurricane. Ug.

Tonight’s picture is from DS3’s scholarship night back in June at the local high school. Here he is accepting a scholarship and award from the local VFW post. Enjoy!

DS3 scholarship night 2011