62 (post) yoga poses..

Monday, Monday, post Irene Monday. Hopefully your storm experience was close to ours. I heard from one of my brothers in Westchester County, NY that the power is out and will be until Thursday, at the earliest. Another brother has a foot of water in his basement, but they were prepared and everything was up off the floor. I guess you pump out, then dry out. 

I went to COSTCO today to return the generator that I purchased on Friday. If you remember from Friday’s post, I got one of the last eight generators in the store when they opened. The generator stayed in the box, the box stayed in the car. It cost 600.00 so I was not going to open the box if I did not need to use the unit. The only power outage was Saturday night for four (almost exactly) hours.  Back to the story, COSTCO has a liberal return policy, so I was expecting a rolling of the eyes and then the return of my money. When I got to the store I wrestled the box onto one of those orange carts and wheeled it inside.

Before I got to the return counter, a man asked me where I got the generator and were there anymore. I told him that I was returning the unit since I did not loose power. He asked me the price and then he called his son. He had me explain to the son on the phone about the generator. When I was done, I gave Vince back his phone. He spoke with his son for another minute and then told me that he wanted to buy the generator. Ok with me. I was next on line. I told the women behind the counter “I would like to return this generator, I don’t need it. And, this man here would like to buy it”

I felt better about retuning the unit since someone else wanted it. The return ladies did not have enough cash to pay me so I had to wait for them to get more from where ever they keep their stash of cash. While I waited another six people came by, each one wanting to buy the generator. I could have held an auction in the parking lot! That is not my style, but it certainly was an interesting thought.

There was no lacrosse tonight. Last week was the end of the summer sessions. I am not sure if there will be anymore sessions or not. I guess I will have to watch my email and hope for the best. Since there was no lacrosse, I went to yoga with my DW. There were about twenty people in the class and only three of them were men!  I like that ratio..  If you have never taken a yoga class you should at least take one. Tonight’s class was probably my sixth or seventh class. I usually go on Monday’s when there is no lacrosse.  There is no yoga class next week due to Labor Day, but classes resume the week after that. If we don’t play lacrosse this fall, I will certainly be more limber by the end of the year.

Reports from the college front.  DS1, no contact today other than playing word feud with me around lunch time. I will be reaching out to him to find out what classes he is taking this fall.  DS2 continues to progress towards going back to school. He worked on some of his school work and practiced guitar today. He and I spoke with several people at the university today making plans for his return. DS3 has been on campus for two nights and three days. We spoke with him around dinner time today. He seems to be getting along with his roommate, enjoying his classes. I still think he is a little at a loss with what to do. I am sure he will figure things out. The bad weather this weekend disrupted the schedule for the incoming freshmen. Some of the team building events were cancelled. 

I worked from home today. The office at one point had no internet or phones. By the end of the day, the internet and email were back up. The phones were still down at the close of business. Hopefully this will be fixed during the overnight hours. I plan to work from home all week since I am the giver of eye drops.

Picture time once again. Today’s picture comes from last December. This is the Christmas tree in the Rotunda at Marywood University, enjoy!

Christmas tree Marywood University 2010