61 stairs to (post) heaven..

Well, maybe the hype of the storm was overdone. Probably not to the families that lost members due to falling trees and such. Here in Manahawkin things were not so dramatic. We lost power last night from 11 pm to 3 am. Now, the weather at 11 pm was not really bad and the weather at 3 am was not really that good. Did the powers that be turn us off for four hours for some reason? The Press of Atlantic City blogged at 10:15 that the local power utility was considering cutting the power to the barrier islands. We live seven miles from the ocean. It would seem to me if they cut the power, we were collateral damage. None the less, we got through the night.

Our house has a cellar. It has flooded twice in the twenty-seven years that we have lived here. Once when a storm “sat” on the town and dropped nine inches of rain in two and a half hours. Nobody was home and there was nothing that could have been done. The other time was after a huge snow storm, The 30 inches of snow were followed by 2 inches of rain. Somehow the water came in. The ground was certainly frozen at that time. Anyway, one of the cellar windows is below grade. We have a hole in front of it to catch the excess rain when this happens.  We cleaned the leaves and such out of the hole Friday in preparation for the storm.  We also cleaned all the gutters for better drainage away from the house.

I emptied the hole of water at 7 pm Saturday night after returning from Scranton. Then I was back out at 9:30 to empty again. At 9 pm there was a tornado warning, like take shelter now, in our neighborhood. We had no problems. After the warning, I was out with a shovel making the hole twice as big to catch the water. I was up every two or so hours during the night to empty the water. Sometimes it would be raining and blowing, other times it would be just windy. It was a bumpy night.

7 am came and the skies cleared and we were in the eye of the storm. The www.app.com website said that we would have the worst of the storm at 8 am.  Umm, they missed that headline. Completely wrong. The rest of the day was anti-climatic. We watched the radar, waited for the huge wind. We got some wind and some rain. Nothing like Saturday night. Sunday evening we started undoing the hurricane preparations that were done on Friday. Tomorrow I will return the generator to COSTCO. It is still in the box, I never opened it. It was like an insurance policy against the worse case scenario.

Tomorrow is Monday. I will work from home. I am on eye drop brigade. DS2 who had the two eve surgeries continues to need care and watching on a daily basis.  He is doing well and all signs point to him returning to school next Sunday and returning to classes on Tuesday after Labor Day.

DS3 is enjoying college. He has not communicated much, but I think he is trying to figure out what to do with himself now that he does not have parents setting the schedule. Classes start Monday, so his getting into a routine will make a big difference. DS1 appears to be doing fine. We got a call from one of his lacrosse buddies parents. Both kids had done four years playing at WJU together. This fall they are roommates for the first semester of their fifth year. The parents said that the boys were doing better than fine in the new house. 

We heard from any people over the weekend inquiring about our status as per the storm. We was heartening to hear from everybody and to know that so many people care.  Yes, we are alright, and life is currently looking up. We may actually have an empty nest come Labor Day Monday!  Tonight’s picture is DS2  getting his four-time a day eye drops. My DW has been doing this for the last week. I need start this care come Monday. And no, the poncho is NOT necessary. It used it during the storm and thought it would be a fun prop for the picture.  Enjoy!

More eye drops please!