Sixty is a nice number of posts..

Leaving home, first day of school picture 2011

Hurricane watch..  OH MY!  Run around willy nilly!

Ok, now that we are past that. Today was move in day for our youngest child. Yes, the baby is gone. We were up early, out of the house by 6 am. Three hours later we were in Scranton, PA. Since DS2 is still off-line due to his eye surgeries, DS3 drove his car to Scranton. We picked up DS2’s books and parking pass and parked his car in the freshmen lot out-of-the-way. It will be there when he gets to school next Sunday and then available whenever he is cleared to drive.

The drive up was a little creepy. The Garden State Parkway was closed southbound at Exit 98  by the resident NJ genius Friday night at eight pm. Why? Just like the same genius decided to close Route 72 east bound at six pm Friday night and make all four lanes outgoing. Well, at 5:30 pm, there were no traffic jams and people were heading west without any difficulty. I’ve seen worse westbound traffic on a Sunday afternoon in the summer.

They paid someone to distribute brand new DOT/FEMA barrels and cones at every intersection, for 28 miles. Then they paid probably the same people to pick them all up. At one spot where the barrels were set on the side of the road, they neglected to pick up all the parts. SO somewhere there about 20 or brand new orange traffic barrels without the black tops/bottoms. The real shame of it is that I’m willing to bet that the 28 miles of cones and barrels will be disposed of and new one purchased.  Want to make a bet with me?

The other challenge to the ride was all the families driving towards Scranton with their college student on board. Not many of them had probably made the trip more than twice, now they all were trying to do it at the same time. And for some reason, many of the parents felt comfortable letting their freshly minted college student drive the family SUV. Ug, it was amateur hour this morning. I am so happy that we left early. And the people coming from the south up Interstate 81 were totally screwed. There must have been an accident because as I drove home, I passed miles, like 6 or 8 miles, of north bound traffic. All stopped, all trying to go north, all still south of Scranton.

Dorm room U of Scranton 2011

DS3 Got into his room with no problems. He chose the side he wanted since he was the first one there. The rooms are a concrete box, two beds, two desks, two dressers and two armoires. Not a lot of room. The bathroom is down the hall. Fortunately (or not) the bathroom is very close by.  After unpacking and taking pictures, we went over to the bookstore to get his books. They were not ready. He needs to stop by on Sunday to get them.  We went down to Coney Island Lunch for hot dogs. They were delicious. I brought home a dozen for those of us still living in NJ.

Then I took him back to school. Gave him a hug and sent him off into the wild blue yonder.  I still can’t believe he is gone off to school. While we were waiting for our dogs to arrive, he said “Dad, I don’t believe I’m here to stay, not just visit” I guess that was the point that it hit home that he was staying, and I was leaving.  Other stops in the city included Radio Shack to pick up a pair of head phones and the cemetery to visit my parents.

So, he is safe, DS1 is safe in Wheeling, WV. The rest of us will ride the storm out and hope for the best. If the blog is not updated each day you will know we lost power, internet and/or cell service.  Today’s pictures from move in day. I will post a few.  Enjoy!

Damm, now what do I do? (Kidding)