Damm 59 (post) Yankees..


Today’s post is mobile. We are in the tv room watching AJ Burnett throw away another game. DS3 is using the working laptop, so I am working on my phone. College move in day for DS3 is tomorrow.  We leave at six am to arrive in Scranton for nine am. I was going to spend the day there but with road closures and the coming hurricane, I hope to be back home by two pm.

Today was the get ready for the hurricane day.  Everything that can blow away is put away. I purchased the last generator at our local COSTCO this morning. There were eight to be sold and I got one. I will leave in the box in my van and wait to see what the storm brings. I have gasoline for it as well. We got the usual storm preparation stuff.  We are ready (I hope).

We had a post operative meeting with the doctor early this morning.  The doctor was very pleased with the outcome of the previous day’s surgery.  If the recovery stays on track DS2 will return to school the Tuesday after Labor Day. 

Good night, another early day tomorrow.  The picture of the is of DS2 goofing off on his laptop, waiting for school to start.  Enjoy!

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  1. cmdavitt
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 02:00:48

    Stay safe good luck w moving-


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