These are not the fibers you are looking for (or post 58)..

The title needs to be said by a character dressed like Obi Won Kenobi (the old one, not the young one), dark brown robe, hood up, standing in front of a salad bar.  Really, you can’t picture it?  The words were spoken by DS2 during dinner this evening. What preceded that comment probably does not need to be shared, but it was a funny moment at the table to break up some of the tension of the week. I had cooked dinner, ravioli, home-baked crusty french loaf, sautéed zucchini with seasonings and olive oil and tomato sauce with meatballs and sausage. I had burned (slightly) two different fingers on two different hands. So I sat down with my food, everyone else had already loaded their plates and sat down, waiting for me to get there so they could start. I looked at my plate, no fresh, hot, crusty french loaf. My hands hurt and I did not feel like getting back up to get the bread.  So I said “I will use my Jedi mind to move two pieces of bread from the counter to my plate” Then I closed my eyes and put my hands to my head and let out a large grunt. Then bamm, when I opened my eyes the bread was on my plate. Someone made a comment about the grunting noise (think bathroom jokes, they are boys) and then the fiber line was said. Ok, so I worked a little hard for that joke tonight. It did go over well at the table.

This morning started early. We had a 7:30 am doctors appointment an hour north of our home.  The doctor’s visit went fine. The doctor was pleased with DS2’s surgery and post operative condition.  The doctor said that next week, probably Tuesday, would be the day for the other eye. The scheduling lady was not yet in. We were told that we could wait for her or she could call us on the phone. We opted to leave and get breakfast and let them call at their convenience. We had breakfast at a funky place in downtown Red Bank called Zebu Forno. The food was good.  Nice and hot. We will eat there again.  Should you find yourself in Red Bank, NJ you should check this place out.  The office called on the ride home and it was decided that Tuesday, August 30 would be the day. They would fax the necessary paperwork to us and we should call Monday after four pm to find out what time the surgery would be on Tuesday.

Everything was all set.  We got home and I sent a few emails and tweets to update family and friends and I went back to bed. I woke up two hours later and the then the phone rang. The doctor’s office was wanting to know if we wanted to do the surgery tomorrow? Maybe they are having a slow week in the hospital, or maybe the doctor was impressed at how well DS2 handled the first surgery and decided that tomorrow would be ok. Or maybe it was the constant questions about getting DS2 back to college that told the surgeon that saving us a week between surgeries would hopefully get him back to school a week earlier. And, part of the discussion was well, you feel like crap from the surgery, in a week you will feel better, then have to go through all this again Why not just get it done? So, off to the hospital for a 1 pm operation tomorrow. Yikes, what a rollercoaster of a week so far. Hopefully we are getting ready to coast to the end.

Part of my email and phone work this afternoon was to find out where we are at with the university. What will they do to accommodate our special needs for DS2? What is the last date that he can withdraw and get all his tuition back? And a dozen other questions.  The phone call went to the Office of Retention. DS2 and I spoke with the women there and her recommendation was for DS2 to withdraw and take the semester off. Neither he nor his parents were interested in that option. At least not without exploring every other option. We spoke for about twenty minutes during which we discussed options to keep him in school though the use of note takers, people to read to him, changing his courses to less critical courses this fall and other ways to ease DS2 back into school. She said she would email his core curriculum teachers and see what they thought. When we finished the call, it was not on the most hopeful note.

I sent an email to the head of the College of Music, Theatre and Dance asking for her help. I ran all the same suggestions past her along with a few more that we came up after we got off the phone. I asked her to be our advocate at the university. She has met and spoken with us several times during the school year. DS2 has been very giving with his time helping out during the school year above and beyond the expectations they have for music theory students. She responded by telling us that the university had the resources available to help my son that would enable him to catch up or that his schedule could be shifted around. The bottom line, if he physically could return, the school would make it work. Now that’s what I’m talking about. We (the parents) discussed the email with DS2 and he was encouraged by the support that was offered.  Now we just have to get through tomorrow successfully and maybe things will work out.

Thank you to everyone that has said prayers and sent notes to DS2 and us. It’s really nice to see.

Other news, briefly, DS1 has made it to Wheeling, WV. School starts for him on Monday. He sent me a picture of the view from his kitchen table. This picture becomes the picture of the day.  Enjoy!

Wheeling, WV


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