Monday night is 56 (post) lacrosse..

I just got home from playing lacrosse with DS3, another local lacrosse parent and his son and about 25 other men. The term men should be used lightly here. The league started out as a 35 years old and older league. Then to attract people we dropped the minimum age to 25 years old. Now you can play if you show up and pay.  All summer, Monday nights have been ruled by college players home on vacation from school. Now, most of the kids have gone back, so the number of people playing is more realistic. There was certainly enough playing time tonight.

I started playing lacrosse at the age of 43. My oldest son was playing at the high school level and we would throw the ball around in the evening and on weekends to help him be a better player. Then a league was formed in Randolph, NJ for beginner and intermediate players.  Or players that had not picked up their sticks in ten or fifteen years. The first night was an introduction to Mr. Ball and Mr. Stick. There were different stations set up to teach various skills. The next week the group was divided into teams and the playing commenced. Fast forward to tonight. So, I have been playing defense for seven years. As a defensive player your job is keep the other team from scoring. Sometimes that means you might get hit by a ball or two.  Tonight, it was the two times not the one time.

The funny (not really) thing about being hit by the ball, for me, is that it is an all or nothing proposition. What I mean is that I can play all summer (like this summer) and not get hit by a ball. Then in one night I get hit by two balls. So tonight I was either faster than usual and got in the way, or slower than usual, and got in the way. Either way, I had two saves tonight!  Ouch, they will both be black and blue by Thursday or Friday.

Tonight was possibly the last time that I get to play with DS3 until December. There is another league that might play this week on Thursday,  If so, that will be it for us.  I hope we get to play again at least one more time this week.  Work was busy today. Plenty of people not on the schedule thinking that I had incorrectly drawn up my schedule. If I had drawn my schedule up correctly, I would have penciled them in at the exact moment that they needed my assistance. DW, yes dear, Can you spray some Windex on my crystal ball?  Sure, dear.  Problem solved..

That is enough for tonight, I am ready for bed. Here is a picture taken this evening of DS3 and myself dressed for lacrosse. This is the pre-impact picture. Maybe if the bruises look cool, you will get to see them later in the week. Good night all, and enjoy!

Me and DS3 dressed for lacrosse tonight

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