I can’t drive 55 (post)…

I could not resist. That heading really has nothing to do with tonight’s blog. But what a song from 1984!  I wonder how many guys (maybe a few girls) got speeding tickets to that song. I escaped that option, thankfully.  On with today’s business. Today DS1 left for college, probably for the last time. He needs 10 credits to graduate. He will be stopping in Philadelphia tonight to visit his best friend from hight school. Monday through Wednesday he will be visiting with his college girlfriend. He should arrive in Wheeling on Wednesday or Thursday. He spent some of yesterday and today washing clothes and packing the car. His mother walked behind him every now and then and tried to make sure he took all his stuff. His room looks better than it has all summer. The bed is made and there are less clothes on the floor. The parts came in for the laptops on Saturday, so I was able to fix the computer that he will use before he left. That save me the trouble of shipping the computer to him. our computer, that is another story. I ordered/received the wrong part. So, I have to source the correct part out. It helps to have the part to search by the number.

But, back to DS1 and his story. He spent the night at a friend’s house returning ten ish this morning. Then laundry, gym and tv (waiting for the washing machine to finish)  DS3 was working at the bark and biscuit and got of work early so he was able to come home and say good-bye to his brother. DS2 also said goodbye. Both of his parents were teary eyed, DW more so than me. The realization that this will be his last semester in college and that he will probably move to Allentown to be with his girlfriend after graduation, brough tears to our eyes. No wise ass, not tears of joy, but bittersweet tears. We wish the best for our children.  This trip to college has an air of finality to it. College lacrosse is done, all that’s left is to get down to business and graduate.

I worked from home today. My employer has allowed me to pick up time during off hours as long as I document what was done.  Working killed the day, but I probably would have done nothing really important (except for sending the oldest off to college). The humid weather returned to New Jersey today. Yesterday was rough, but today the humidity got to be too much so the a/c is back on after taking a 5 day break.

We had Steak Dianne for dinner tonight. The recipe come from Omaha Steaks. The meat, not from Omaha Steaks. Every now and then the grocery store will have filet mignon on sale. Since I have experience using a knife (I worked in the seafood business for 20 + years) I am not afraid to trim the meat and package it for the freezer. We also bring home the huge pork loin when it is on sale and trim and portion that as well. We did not go food shopping today. I was busy and my DW decided that we would eat some of the stuff in the freezer since after Saturday it should only be the two of us.

Off to watch some football on tv tonight. Here is a picture of DS1 in his car, waving before he drove off this afternoon. Enjoy!

DS1 heading out, back to school 2011


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