Carnival, circus or just a family 54 (post) dinner..

Today was a fun, family day. When your kids are 23, 20 and 18 a fun family day is different from when they 14, 12 and 10 years old. If your children are younger than mine, here is some in sight into living with three children who are around twenty years old. Last night I woke up at 3:50 am in the morning. I’m not sure what woke me up, but I decided to go to the bathroom and then try to fall back asleep.  Our home has only one bathroom. Yes, five people, one bathroom. So the bathroom door is closed at 3:50 am, I knock, you never know. Somebody grunts, hmmm ok. I will wait my turn. I walked though the first floor to make sure things were ok. There were two towels hanging on kitchen chairs. Hmm, I guess DS1 came home and went into the hot tub with a friend or two. I closed the back door, turned off the lights and went back to see if it was my turn. The bathroom was empty. I went in, then I heard steps on the cellar stairs coming up. Then, knock, knock on the bathroom door. Dude, it’s 4 am and I appear to live in a college dorm! I finished my turn and there was DS1 waiting for his turn.  Well, I thought in two weeks this won’t happen (hopefully).

Yes, the day started early. I fell back to sleep. Slow morning, newspaper and coffee. Then I made breakfast potatoes, pork roll and scrambled egg crepes. They turned out good.  Ds3 went to the eye doctor, my DW went with him. We were not looking for anymore surprises. Reference? See yesterday’s blog for details. Everything went well at the eye doctor today. While she was out with DS3, I looked through the Cuisine at Home magazines looking for a special meal to make since this could be our last dinner as a family until Thanksgiving. After looking and pondering I came up with a menu:

  • First course would be lobster rolls, lobster meat, mayo and seasonings served on a crispy top sliced hot dog roll
  • Second course would be shrimp bisque. I found an easy recipe this winter that we both like
  • Main course would be Chilean Sea Bass, tomatoes, olives and onions served over couscous with pan-fried zucchini on the side
  • Dessert would be a pink champagne cake

All the dinner items would be made from recipes, and all from scratch. So, my DW made a shopping list and off we went. We got home later with our booty and started cooking and prepping the meal. Dinner was at 7 pm tonight. Everybody was there on time. The consensus on the meal was this, the lobster rolls were good, make them again. The shrimp bisque was good, make it again. The sea bass and the other stuff, especially the couscous, no thanks. The sea bass was good, the rest forgettable. The cake, delicious!  It made for a fun night with the boys goofing on the work couscous and other silliness. After dinner my DW insisted on the boy’s putting on their school sweatshirt for a picture on the back deck. This was a project. But in the end, I think I may have a useful Christmas picture. Or, we will have to try harder at Thanksgiving.

DS1 is off to his high school buddies house for the night. His plan is to head west Sunday sometime and stop and see his girlfriend for a few days then keep heading west and arrive in Wheeling, WV by mid-week or so.  DS3 starts his last week of work on Sunday. Five more days and he is done for the summer. He is scheduled to be delivered to school next Saturday with a 12:30 pm move in time. At his school the move in times are assigned.

Last night, DS2 came up to me around 8 pm and asked if I wanted to make zombies? The back story is that he got me a Zombie of the Month calendar for Christmas. Each month has a different zombie, duh. The neat part is that they include cut out and glue figures that resemble that month’s zombie. So we spent three hours last night making zombies and listening to the Jimmy Buffett concert from Jones Beach, NY. It was nice to spend some time with him. He is growing up so fast, really.

This being Saturday, the picture of the day will include a bonus picture, see two for one, maybe  BOGO, could be. Either way, enjoy!

The boys 2011









Our collection of zombies