No coupon needed for 53 (post)..

Greetings, Happy Friday!  Today was the second day in a row where I worked from home. I had a busy morning at work and a quiet work afternoon. Today’s monkey wrench, don’t make plans (or be flexible) is courtesy of the local eye doctor. It seems that when DS2 went in for has annual exam she dilated his eyes and saw “something” in his right eye. She has recommended that he see a retina specialist as soon as possible. She also done not want him carrying or listing heavy things or jumping around. So, Sunday was supposed to be his move in day at college. Tuesday morning he has an appointment with the retina specialist here in New Jersey. School is in Scranton, PA. He will stay home Sunday and miss classes Monday and Tuesday. When everything goes ok Tuesday morning, he will be able to drive late Tuesday afternoon and move in Tuesday evening. Hopefully, fingers crossed.  He is very disappointed. He has been looking forward to going back to school ever since he got home. He has emailed his teachers and advisor so that they know what is going on.  Crap..

Here’s another minor curve ball. Just last week after spending part of a month researching laptop computers, different memory, different brands, different processors, I came up with a set of requirements for the laptop for DS3 for college. Not even a week after we proudly purchased “the right stuff” from HP, the news wires are carrying a story that HP is getting out of the consumer computer business. Dude!  I killed the consumer computer business for HP! I am a giant killer! I figured to stay away from the small, no name brands and choose a large company, a reliable company, a company that is running away from the consumer computer industry.  I hope this does not have a negative impact on our purchase. After the first year, I am the tech support person anyway.

On the plus side I still have a smile on my face. I get to enjoy the company of my children for a few extra days. Everybody was home today, except for the eye doctor visits and the trip to the gym. Not me, DS1 went. I like the outdoors. There looked like we were going to have a huge thunderstorm, but the storm seemed to get within ten miles of the coast and just made a left and slid off to the north. I guess I will have to water the garden tomorrow.  Maybe in the morning I will wake DS3 up and go down to the local lacrosse field and throw around for an hour. I can always use the practice. Pizza for dinner, we had two, two dollar off coupons for the local pizzeria. One pie with chicken parmigiana, the other a plain cheese pie. Yum. It is still too hot to make homemade pizza. I need to run the oven at 500 degrees for 45 minutes so the pizza stones are good and hot. That is great in the winter time, but just too damn hot in the summer time.

Another bonus in our lives arrived on the UPS truck yesterday. No, not the parts to fix my laptop, the are in shipping somewhere. But a set of seventeen Cuisinart pots and pans. Why so excited you ask? Well, they are new and they were free!  My DW has been at the hospital for twenty-five years and when you hit a certain milestone of years, they provide a “gift” to the employee. So she got her plaque and a pin number to the gift fulfilment website. She and I looked at the pages of items at her level and she decided that the pots and pans would be the best choice. So she did her thing on the website and the brown truck delivered. Most of the posts and pans in the house are over fifteen years old, still useable, but certainly well-loved. We put them in the cellar for the first child that will move out and need pots and pans. I used the  six-inch frying pan this morning to make crepes for the boys. I filled the crepes with bananas. The bananas were cooked similar to a bananas foster, without the rum. They turned out good.

Picture time, picture time. Tonight’s picture come from DS2’s twentieth birthday. Enjoy!

DS2 on his 20 th Birthday 2011