Into the valley of death rode 52 (post)…

Not really, just trying to be different. So today was a better day. I decided at 11:30 last night that I would work from home today. So I did. Usually Friday’s are work from home days, but when you need a mental health day, working from home will often do the trick. I got my work done, turning lead into gold and other lost magical arts.

It seems for me at least, that the problems that build up in your mind, don’t always look so difficult to solve when they are written down. All of yesterday’s issues remain, yet today I am not as manic about them.  My DW’s comment about reading yesterday’s blog was “Oh my!”.  It’s a good thing we communicate.  LOL.

DS2 picked up his last check today from the Acme. Yesterday he had a tooth pulled, I found out at dinner. He said his mom was aware, I must have missed the memo. We are trying to make them more independent and when they are, it drives us (me) crazy. I think my mother suffered from the same syndrome. It must have a name. I will do some google reasearch. Parents prepare their children to be adults and make decisions and when they make those decisions, the parents want to know why they were not consulted. The reason I did not consult my parents was that I knew everything and they had prepared me to be an adult.  I thought it made perfect sense as did my mother when she told me to be out of the house by sundown.  It’s funny how things go around in circles. I will try to do better.

DS1 worked his last work day for the summer season today. He spent the summer packing fishing boats in Barnegat Light. He got a good taste of physical labor and got to experience what his father did for a living 23 years ago before he was born. I hope he takes these memories back to school this fall and finishes up with a bang. (A bang being a good thing!)

DS3 worked at the bark and biscuit. He is off for the next two days then working Sunday – Thursday. Thursday will be his last day since he goes off to college a week from Saturday.  Tonight he and I and a lacrosse buddy and his son drove an hour to Manalpan, NJ to play lacrosse. I checked the radar before leaving the house and was not impressed by what I saw. As we drove up Route 9, north of I 195, we watched lighting, lots of lightning. When we got to the park it was raining and booming. We sat for about twenty minutes watching an excellent lightning storm. Then we had a flash and an instant bang in the parking lot where we were. That sealed our fate and we decided to head home. Dry and alive, we can play lacrosse another time.

On the way home we stopped at Ice Cream on 9 for a post (non-lacrosse) snack. DS3 and I stopped here last week, yum and yum. This week I had Tiramisu ice cream in a hot fudge sundae.  There will be some exercise required tomorrow.

Tomorrow will either be a work from home day of  I will take a personal day. It will be therapeutic either way. However, all three of the children will be home tomorrow, at the same time. Only my DW is going to work (outside of the home). It might be quieter in the office on a Friday in mid-August. The only down side will be the traffic heading south in the afternoon. I will decide in the morning.

Tonight’s picture is from the inside of Ice Cream on 9. Stop by some time. The store is on the south side of Route 9 just north of where Route 9 and I 195 intersect. the White Castle is directly across the highway.

Ice Cream on 9