Beware the Ides of 51 (post) March..

Man, crazy, crazy, crazy. I am absolutely crazy today.  It’s like I’m off my medication (if it were only that simple). Try this list:

  • The family laptop decides to go screen dark this morning. Probably needs an inverter. This will require that I take the screen of the laptop apart to replace the part. Doable, not on my list this week. Parts on order.
  • DS3 started putting together his book list for college. His classes are linked in the book store at school to the books (maybe) required. The titles listed are convoluted shortening of the names, probably to keep you from figuring out exactly what the book is so you can shop around. In frustration you just click “add to cart”. Then as we are going through the class list to make sure that he did not miss a class, we find a computer course “that does not need a book” listing a 200.00 book. Pushes his total for the semester close to 800 dollars! Yikes! We closed all those windows, that decision process will be for another day.
  • Traffic both ways this week has been unreal. If they had not finished the third lane, I would have spent an extra 45 minutes each way this week. And all crazy people, driving fast and loose, not looking where they are going. Ugg.
  • Work has been nuts. It is not still the full moon and things are just nuts.
  • One child leaves Saturday, one leaves Sunday, one leaves a week from Saturday. That is probably the main stressor in my life.  It will all work out in the end, but I am a detail first person and this is making me crazy.
  • I picked a half of a five gallon pail of tomatoes today. They might go to work or they might go to our freezer. And one nice zucchini. We have had more zucchini this summer from this one plant then the last four years of growing many plants each year. This one was a mistake, I thought it was a cucumber.
  • I’m working on DS3’s new laptop. I don’t think I like the keyboard. Maybe I just need to practice on it. The replacement parts will take a few days, so I should get the practice.
  • Speaking of new computers, I feel sorry for anyone buying a new computer. Really. I do computers for a living and have invested more than ten hours of my life to get all the downloads and windows updates completed. Then you need to configure your email, where will you save your files, Dropbox, quicken, on and on. I can do it, but the average person would be lost. Good luck, thanks for all the fish.

So, I have ranted. I still have my epic story to tell. I’m too crazy to finish it tonight (I think I said that) .My DW knows that it is not about her. Or she  will when she reads this.  Wahooooo, at the end, time to pick out a picture.  In this picture DS3 was in 7 th grade doing a musical in Summer Stock at the local elementary school. He was the news broadcaster, dressed like a dog.

DS3 was news broadcaster, Summer Stock 2005

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