Hiding out in post 50..

Really, post fifty!  It seems that the days when I was mobile and not, that post forty-five was written a few time. I lost track of the actual post number.  Today is Tuesday here in New Jersey. The weather has moderated. They are calling a for low temperature  in the 60’s tonight.  The a/c has been off for a few days now. I’m liking that a lot. Dinner was pot stickers from COSTCO. They were the free sample on Saturday during our shopping excursion. It was a meal where everybody was excited to eat. That is unusual. Most nights there is somebody who does not like the choice for dinner.  I’m glad we bought them.

After dinner DW took the two younger children down to the Wal-Mart vision center to make appointments for eye exams before they go back to school. She has been chasing them (the children) for two weeks and finally had to take the bull by the horns to get it done.  The usual eye doctor is on vacation and not available. You might think that the company that employs that eye doctor would limit vacations during the back to school time of year.  Just a thought.  I mean when DS3 was working in the shoe store during the back to school time of year, it was all hands on deck.

Work was ok today. DS3 was off. DS2 is unemployed until Monday when he returns to his full-time student occupation. He told us at dinner that he loves us and has enjoyed being home this summer but he can’t wait to be back at school. DS1 drove to Allentown, PA last night to spend the night with his college girl friend. He was back home 7:15 am this morning so he could be at work for 8 am on LBI. Funny, most days it seems a miracle that he gets up and out of the house on time, never mind that he can get up early enough to drive two hours home then on to work. I’ve said it before, the boy is in love.

Short blog today, not much other than life going on. Tonight’s picture comes from May of 2011. DS2 sang in the chorus freshmen year. The spring concert was by a composer named Rachmaninoff. The songs were in Russian or Slavic. I’m not sure. In this picture he and my DW are in the Rotunda at Marywood University before the performance. Enjoy!

Posing for a picture before the concert, May 2011



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