To the sound of 47 (post) car horns..

Do you still get the newspaper delivered to your home each day?  We do, but I am starting to doubt the reason for receiving the newspaper. My DW clips the coupons in the Sunday paper. I read the Saturday and Sunday papers and maybe the Wednesday paper since it usually contains recipes. The rest of the week (and those days too) the paper is just a rehash of the days events that I have seen and read about on-line. In the last year the paper has gotten narrower and shorter. There are fewer pages each day. Now they clip pages out of USA Today to fill some of the content.  It makes me wonder if there is actually anybody still working locally to produce the paper. I find the whole downsizing of our newspaper quite sad. Maybe it is time to go for weekend delivery only.  My DW clips all the coupons in the paper. The ones that we can not use she sends to various military bases around the world where the military families can use the coupons to purchase items in their PX. 

Today, Monday was a busy work day. I had to wrap up the two weekend jobs first thing. Both went well. My DW had the day from hell ahead of her so I coordinated the cooking and such for dinner with DS2 who is now on vacation. He leaves for school on Sunday. After dinner DS3 and I went to play lacrosse in Robbinsville. It was a good 90 minute run of lacrosse.  There were enough players that everybody got as much field time as they wanted. We have one more summer session and then I really don’t know. There are rumors that the facility is being torn down to build a hotel or maybe the hotel will be on the same site sharing the parking lot. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Bed time comes soon here in NJ, so off I go. Tonight’s pictures is from Saturday night’s lacrosse game in Annapolis. After the game they had fireworks.   Enjoy!

Fireworks in Annapolis, MD