Impending empty 46 (post) nest..

Greetings fellow travelers around the sun. A ho-hum weekend turned into something special.  The last two blogs have been mobile, limiting their length. Tonight I’m home, relaxing with the family. Saturday (yesterday) was supposed to be a do nothing, laid back kinda of day. Then the Lime Guy (third person reference, but why?) decides to go to Annapolis for a MLL lacrosse game. But, really the day started out much earlier than that. Missing from the daily blog, was that at 04:00 DW and I got up, put on our bathing suits (that means shorts for me) and headed out to our hot tub. Friday night into Saturday morning was the projected peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Since the moon was still mostly full, a late night just before sunrise was the best time for viewing. None of the meteor showers that I have witnessed have ever peaked at 11 pm. They always seem to peak in the middle of the night.

We went into the hot tub which was nice and warm and laid back looking east away from the light of the moon. And we waited, patiently. It’s not like they turn the switch on. We stayed in the hot tub for about thirty minutes seeing about ten meteors. Two of them were really bright fireballs, the rest were just quick flashes.  Then we went back to bed. Enough of that. I really could not fall back soundly to sleep after being awake and in  the hot tub. Then the day started. Yesterday’s blog detailed the foibles of the morning. After driving to Annapolis and back it was about 1 am when we got to sleep.  That makes for quite a long day.  The next morning  I said to DW, well honey, we certainly got our money’s worth out of yesterday!  Someday’s you seem to just exist, other days you really experience life to its fullest.  I for one vote for more days to the fullest. Make that extra effort, you never know the outcome.

Sunday started slow. Did I mention the booty that we brought home from Annapolis? Funny, read the last blog from Annapolis for some background. You can search the site. We brought home three half gallons of cream line chocolate milk and one pound of fresh picked Jumbo Lump crab meat. Yum! The plan was for each boy to get their own half-gallon of chocolate milk and when it was gone, tough luck. This did not workout since the parents were too tired to inform/enforce the deal. Oh well, I had some and it was quite good. The usual Sunday plan include sleeping in (if possible), grocery shopping and such. Today I worked from home for extra pay. With the three boys going to school in the next two weeks, college related expenses will be raising.

Today my DW started pushing DS2 towards packing and getting organized. His plan is to pack the car Saturday night and leave early Sunday so he can get a jump on moving in. He is in fair shape as far as packing, the week ahead should be telling on his resolve to get out early. School starts August 22. He is excited to be going back. Nice! He went to party with some of him high school friends last night. There was some drinking by his friends, he choose not to. Good for him.  We rented a micro fridge for his room today. Books done, micro fridge done, some clothes packed, done, t-shirts still needed.  He is done working for the summer, having retired from his summer job. He hopes to be working in the meat room next summer instead of the deli. Time will tell.

So the exodus schedule is looking like DS2 Sunday, DS1 Saturday, DS3 a week later. Then we can clean the house and try to get things straightened out. Hopefully there will be some painting down this fall. And maybe, the food bill will decrease. Today’s food bill was a jumbo experience since we had a prime rib roast for dinner. Yum, yum and yum. Along with the fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp and fresh mozzarella, soft shorts were a good clothing choice. I will get to run these calories off Monday playing lacrosse.

Tonight’s picture is sent to us by DS3 from work. The picture is of Jada. She is a pit bull. She and DS3 are good friends.