Gimme’ a 45 (post) ..


Today’s blog is mobile as well. This morning upon seeing that there is no pro lacrosse on tv tonight I saw to my DW ” Hey” She says, yes?  I said” How about we go to Annapolis to see the Bayhawks play?” So, we got our chores done and drove three hours south. I am writing this in the Navy – Marine Corps Stadium.
We did not buy tickets in advance since the game never sells out. We went downtown for a crabcake sandwich and ice cream for dinner. When we got to the stadium I went to purchase tickets. I saw a guy sitting in the bus shelter. He asked if I was going to get tickets. He had tickets to sell. Fifteen dollar tickets for ten dollars. He saw my Lake Placid tee shirt and asked if I played this year. Then he asked who I played with. When I told him who I played with, he knew the team organizer and had stayed in his house. He knew many of the current team members. Goes to show lacrosse is a small world.
We are driving home tonight after the game.  It appears that tonight is also fireworks night!  That explains the crowd and the extra security. Here is a picture of the stadium.