A soul song 45 (post) cue sax..


Today’s post comes to you thanks to the cell tower nearest to the Tuckerton Seaport. We are down at the seaport for the free (is for me) summer concert series featuuring the Bill Walton Band.  So far the band is rocking pretty good. The seaport is just a ten minute ride south from home. The free music choices tonight were a jazz quartet on LBI or rock n roll in Tuckerton.
Today was a work from home Friday. Yea! DS1, DS2 and DW all went to work, DS1 is off for the day. Lunch time I looked out in the Lime Guy Used Car Lot and there was not a car to be found. 10 days ago I owned 5 cars, then one died and mine is in the shop for a coolant leak. So , I walked the mile plus to Bagels and Beyond for my Friday chicken cheesesteak. Once again the sandwich was a home run. Walked back home and finished the day out.
Played lacrosse last night for two hours under the stars. There was a beautiful full moon last night. We were short handed again.  I did get to play with DS3. He was reluctant to pass me the ball until I threatened to make him walk home. It was all in good fun.
So far a quiet weekend is planned. Tomatoes to the freezer, ride my bike and feed the mosquitos.  Tonight’s picture is of the band. Enjoy!