Like working in a deli, number 42 (post) does anyone have 42..

Monday walks by itself when the Week family is out for a walk after dinner. Nobody like to hang out with Monday. Poor Monday. I celebrated Monday’s arrival by working from home today. I needs a day to ease back into the real world after Lake Placid. What a roller coaster. A week ago Sunday things started to come together that I might be able to sneak out of my life and play lacrosse at the national tournament again this year.  The our friend Monday showed up, DS3 tanked his car 40 minutes away from home effectively ruining that night. Tuesday slid onto the scene and provided the optimism that the car was going anyway and that maybe I could still pull a rabbit out of my hat. Wednesday exploded with unbridled optimism as the plans came together and I got packed. Thursday, Friday and Saturday where a whirlwind of activity, not much time to reflect. Sunday’s drive home provided that reflection time. Side note: if you ever have the chance to drive home in the summer time from Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Lake George, on  a Monday instead of the Sunday, do it!  So, here goes the vignettes from the last four days that stick out in my mind.

Thursday, up at 3:15 am and out the door by 4 am, right on schedule. The car was mostly packed the night before. I drove straight to the lacrosse fields arriving at 9:45 for a 10:30 game. I was not playing in the 10:30 game, I was shooting pictures of the game. Our SGM (Super Grand Masters team = 52 years and older) won their first game of the tournament that morning. The team that they beat had not lost a game in seven years before that morning. Quite the accomplishment for our SGM team.  The next game (GM, grand masters = 45 years and older) started at 1:30. So I watched a game, talked to some people and got dressed for the game. The game started out slow for us. We were down 0 – 4 at half time. Then somehow, we woke up at halftime and came back to win 6 to 5. One win down, three to go. The team had a tail gate in the parking lot and then everyone went back to their hotels, condos, cabins.  Dinner was at Subway (picture this, I am staying with three type A Wall Street guys, we ate at Subway). After dinner US Lacrosse held a “drink together” at the local hotel using the rooftop bar. Excellent views of Mirror Lake, the sunset and free beer.  After that off to the cabin and bed time.

Friday, I was first up. I made the coffee and my egg and cheese omelet. The other guys came down later and made scrambled eggs. Then I went with one of my team mates to play disc golf at Whiteface Mountain. The course is laid out underneath the gondola that you can ride to the top of Little Whiteface. We played 18 holes. I won all but three of the holes. I had the advantage of a misspent youth and having played the course before. After playing disc golf up and down the hillsides we went to the tournament grounds for our second game. The game started off slow for us as well. Again we were down 0 -4 at half time. The half time magic prevailed and we won the game 5 – 4. After that game the SGM team had a game at a different location thirty minutes after our game.  Many of the same guys play on both teams. I got to play in the SGM game as a substitute since the team was really short-handed. The SGM lost that game, finishing the tournament with a 1 – 3 record.  After the game the teams came back to our cabin location for a tailgate and cook out.  This was the evening where the owner was blasted drunk and stumbling around. And the “beer hunter” made his appearance. The beer hunter reference you will have to google. It came about during an episode of Three Sheets.  Off to bed around midnight only to be awaken every so often by the college kids from the Penn Lacrosse program that had a mens and women’s team entered in the tournament. The phone in the cabin rang at 3:42 am, I did not answer it. It eventually stopped ringing. At some point after that the kids finally went to sleep. Their cabins were across from and next to us. Putting us at ground zero for 20 something party nights.

Saturday reared its ugly head. The kids had left quite the mess in the parking lot. I was up first, again. I made cheese omelets and bacon for breakfast. This was the first morning that the bacon dog came by. The dog is a yellow lab that lives in the neighborhood and came by in the morning look for handouts. I’m sure the smell of bacon had little to do with his appearance. At one point he was standing with his hind legs on the ground, forelegs on the top stair and drooling on the door sill. His patience was rewarded after everyone had eaten when he got the leftover bacon. We have a friend for life. Saturday’s game started off slow for us (see a pattern yet?), but the half time magic eluded us this time and we lost. Another tailgate in the parking lot followed. Definite pattern here. This was the tailgate where Dr. Bob removed a torn contact lens from one of the team members eyes while hanging out in a dusty parking lot. Dr. Bob’s real job when he is not playing goalie, is to be an emergency room physician. Saturday night was the team dinner. Free food and beer for the OWU teams. This year for the first time the OWU lacrosse alumni association organized a women’s team. As you can imagine the restaurant party room was quite crowed. The free beer and food ran out at 10:30 pm so it was time to call it a night.  My roommates wanted to go to another bar and play darts. Not me, I was done, stick a fork in me, done. So they dropped me off and kept going. They got back around 12:30, no worse for the experience. Then the phone rings (4:00 am) in between sleeping and listen to college kids party. So, I answer it and asked the person why they keep calling in the middle of the night? The person turned out to be the facility manager who seems incapable of either controlling the inmates or dialing the correct number. He apologized for dialing the wrong number (again) and said he would quiet the kids down. Yea, I thought to myself, good luck with that. Finally they ran out steam (or beer) and called it a night.  Keep mind that all these kids played (or were scheduled to play) at least one lacrosse game a day for the three-day weekend.

Sunday, I was up first again (patterns, patterns, patterns). I was not cooking so I drove over to McDonald’s for breakfast. Breakfast for four people, under twenty dollars, priceless. When I got back I noticed the total trashing of the parking lot that made the first nights mess seem tame. And my friend the bacon dog was waiting for me to bring him breakfast. The owner had a 7 foot tall fiberglass bear that was made to look like a hand carved wooden bear. The kids had moved the bear and at some point in the night the bear got knocked over removing some of  the paint and fibreglass. We cleaned up our stuff, checked out and headed to our game not wanting to be anywhere around when the bear poo hit the fan. Sunday’s game was vs. Denison University. OWU and Denison have a lacrosse rivalry that goes back quite some time. We started out slow, held our own and lost. We finished the tournament 2 wins and 2 losses. We end up in fourth place out of sixteen teams.

After the game I put on a dry shirt and headed south. I stopped for a sausage sandwich at the food truck vendor at the end of the drive on 73 before you get on the interstate. Traffic was not to bad until I got to New Paltz and then again near Harriman. It was fun to read the bumper stickers and license plates on the way home, especially north of Albany since there were so many lacrosse people traveling home at the same time.

Lessons learned (you are never to old to learn a lesson)

1. Jaeger bombs aren’t that bad tasting. Jaeger and Red Bull. Only had one, thank you and it was enough.

2. Spending a few days with people you don’t know that well is enlightening. I enjoyed it

3. You can have fun and not spend every dollar you have. How about 18 holes of disc golf for five dollars?

4. Dogs like bacon, (ahh, duh!)

5. Music therapy is not as far out there as I thought. I met a teammate with a child with special needs and they had successfully used music therapy to reach and bring this child out of his shell (some of the way). The father was thankful for their experience with the music therapists in their lives. I shared his story with DS2 to show him that what he is learning can make a profound difference is someone life. He was excited about the story.

6. I am too old to drink all day and into the night and play competitive lacrosse the next day. Enough said.

7. Friends and family are important. Surround yourself whenever possible

8. Dammit, long enough for one night.

Tonight’s picture is of the bacon dog, enjoy (he did)!

The Bacon Dog



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paul Davitt
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 02:04:57

    Great story, cute, sad looking dog. But, then, aren’t all begger dogs cute and sad?


  2. Christina
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 23:49:55

    Cool! Glad you got to enjoy LAX in LP one more time.


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