Sunburn Sunday night..

Well I am back home safe and sound. I have quite the sunburned face and neck. It goes well with the five-day old beard. DS2 likes the beard. I got my 800 plus miles done. Our team, the OWU Legends finished the tournament in fourth place with a record of two wins and two losses. We played better today (even though we lost) than yesterday. The other team’s goalie was just on fire. One of our players was “pushed” to the ground and broke his collar-bone. At least that was the assessment of Dr. Bob, our goalie and resident emergency room physician. He got the player’s arm immobilized and instructed him to go to the hospital for x-rays. I guess we will hear in a few days what the x-rays show. 

Everyone was home from work when I got back home. It was nice to be greeted with smiles and hugs after being away for a few days. We all had dinner together. Each of the children got “grilled” on their travels and such over the last few days. It was quite the free for all of verbal jousting.  I enjoyed it. DS3 was a little flustered, but we let him off the hook after letting him wiggle a little. It builds character and teaches them to think on their feet.

I’m going to be short-winded tonight so I can spend some time with my best friend. I missed her on my vacation. So, here is a picture of the mountains from the highway as you enter Lake Placid. You would be driving on Route 86 coming from the direction of Whiteface Mountain. Enjoy!

Mountains near Lake Placid, NY