Lake Placid Saturday night..

Well, we lost our first game today. So we are 2 – 1 for the tournament. Sunday we play for third place at noon time. The other team just out played us. Bummer, but still it is great to be in Lake Placid playing lacrosse.

Last night we had the tail gate at our cabin. In the two cabins next to ours are boys and girls (young men and young women) from the Penn Lacrosse team. They party hard. Last night for some reason the phone in the cabin rang in our room at 3:45 am. I did not answer the phone, but I heard the “kids” carrying on outside at that time of night.  Then around 10:30 am or so they were back up and drinking and playing corn hole in the parking lot. Somewhere between 11 am and 6 pm, they all played a game. And, now they are back at it. It surely must be nice to be young.

After our game, we “of course” had a tail gate at the field. One of the guys on the team had a problem with loosing a contact in his eye. We have a player on the team that is an emergency room doctor.  He brings a “crash” bag wherever he goes. He removed the contact in the parking lot.  It came out in two pieces.

Tonight we have the team party at a restaurant one mile down the road. It will be a good time.   Short blog, more details on Monday night.

Tonight’s picture is from the afternoon tail gate (post contact lens incident)

Saturday tail gate


Lake Placid Friday night post…


Well, the OWU GM team won their second game today. For the second game in a row we went down 0 to 4 at half time. And for the second time we ruled the second half. Way to go! We play in the semi finals Saturday at 1:30 pm.
After the last OWU game of the day we had (are having) a tail gate at the cabins where we are staying.  I have the amp out, satellite radio, beer,food and a fire. Pretty cool I am home, all I have to do is pack up my stuff and go to bed.
Good fun with my teammates. The owner (named Gar) is enjoying the beer and food. He is totally plastered.  Quite the spectacle!
Crazy stuff.
tonight’s picture is from the tail gate. Enjoy!