Summer time and living is post 38 (easy)..

Bamm, add a little spice. So, picture this, I am sitting in a rented Impala in a parking lot at the Cobble Cabins in Lake Placid, NY. Our GM II mens lacrosse team started our tournament play with a 6 to 5 win over a lacrosse team from Maine. Then we had a tailgate with Beer, food and music.  After the tailgate I went to watch some friends play lacrosse. The game was boring, the team I was rooting for was playing poorly. So, I drove back over to the Cobble Cabins where I am sharing a cabin with two of the players on the team.

Nobody is here but me and I do not have a key. So I plugged in the inverter (changes 12 volt in the car to 110 house hold electric). Then I plugged in the laptop and the cell phone. There is a local wireless network, I don’t have the pass code. So, the internet person I am, I started the wireless tether app on my cell phone and used that local network to get online and work on my blog.

While this is going on I am downloading the first day’s pictures from my camera. I will need to find a better connection than my cell phone to upload the pictures.  Out in the country and the modern world is right at our finger tips. hopefully Verizon won’t latch onto the tether and shut me down before the blog is complete.

I was up at 3:30 am this morning and out the door at 4 am. I arrived in Lake Placid at 9:45 am. The drive was uneventful, thankfully.  Seems that things are good at home. DS1 called me after receiving pictures from Lake Placid to ask me if I was there.  I guess he missed the memo. When I asked about seeing the rental car in the driveway, he said he tought I rented a car since DS3 blew up the transmission on his car. Hmmm, not that wealthy. DS3 will have to be a beggar not a chooser form the next twenty days.

No picture tonight, local upload won’t go.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 02:30:02

    Have fun!!!


  2. Megan
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 11:37:52

    WOW Pete, have fun!I tether all the time (air card lended out to a coworker in need as his broke.) is it wrong????I have verizon as well…corporate account and IS secretly tethers..not offically approved and allI love Lake Placid. Friday off! Preparing for Alec visit and Childrens day 🙂


    • limeguy50
      Aug 09, 2011 @ 15:58:11

      The tether software allows your verizon wireless phone to act as a mobile hotspot without paying verison for the data being exchanged. Verizon wants you to use their app and pay by the gig to connect to the internet through your phone. With my app, I can connect for free and not pay the data charges. That is until they see the spike in usage and cut me off.


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