Sitting on a dock (post 37) by the bay..

Watching the tide roll in.. Written by Otis Redding and Steve Cropper back in the late 1960’s.  I always liked the picture that this song and the voices created in my mind.  It is a cloudy evening here in New Jersey, it was supposed to rain. The little we got won’t save the lawn or anything else. I will water the garden tomorrow morning either way. Maybe I should do it tonight and save myself the trouble in the am. Good idea, hang on, I have to turn on the hose…..Ok, I’m back. That pause was where in the old days of radio you would have heard someone walking, a door opening and closing. Then silence, then the door opening and closing again. Followed by the creak of the easy chair as your narrator picked up the laptop and continued with the story.  Radio, it used to come over the airwaves and was free. This was long before satellite radio and streaming internet radio.  There was a time before Sirius and Pandora, google search it if you don’t belive me.

We had the air conditioning off here in New Jersey for about 30 hours. This was the first time in over two weeks that the humidity was reasonable. But, it is back on tonight.  I won’t need it where I am going tomorrow morning. As I wrote about in a previous post, I am a member of the OWU (Ohio Wesleyan University) alumni (and friends) mens lacrosse team. I play two tournaments a year with these guys. They are a great group. First priory is having fun! You need to smile and attend the tailgates or you won’t get invited back. I guess I have done both since they keep taking me back.

Thursday, at 1:30 pm we begin our tournament play. The tournament is held each August in Lake Placid, NY. If you google Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse you will find the website. The SGM (players over 52, known as Super Grand Masters) played twice today, losing both times. They play their third game at 10:30 am tomorrow. My goal is to be in Lake Placid (6 + hours away by 10:30 so I can cheer them on and take pictures of the game.  My first game is at 1:30 pm in the GM division. Gm stands for Grand Master. Players in the GM division can be no younger than 45 years old.  We won our division two years ago and returned to the finals last year. I hope we have fun first, and success second. And lots of laughs!

So, the car is packed. I have my morning list of last-minute things to grab and go. I am going by myself this year. That will be a first.  All the other years we took various family members. But with the boys all working and not able to get out of work and my not deciding until last night to go, I am traveling alone. I’m not really sure where I am sleeping. One of the organizers said he took care of it and just come up. Oh, bring a blankets, sheets and pillow.  It is easier to just make it work when you are the only person to worry about.  My DW is looking forward to the Florida tournament in January. We have already booked our lodging and some of our air travel.

So, the blog goes mobile for three maybe four nights. I am bringing a laptop with me. I don’t have any idea if there is internet wherever I am sleeping. Just have faith, and everything will work out all right.

Tonight’s picture is of DS2 taken at the Decemberists concert.

DS2 @ Decemberists concert


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