When I’m 64 (post)..

Thank you to the Beatles for that opening line tonight.  Jimmy Buffett is 64 this year. One of the first computers was the Commodore 64.  Just a few 64 references for the post. I am back to using my laptop as a laptop tonight. About ten days ago the screen went dark. So I did some web research (fancy way of saying that I googled the problem) and I decided to buy an inverter for the computer. My other little laptop had the same problem.  So I bought two inverters. They came in a few days, and I fixed the little laptop with no problems. When I swapped out the old inverter for the new one (in my laptop), the screen lit for about five seconds and quit.  I took the inverter out and compared it to the original. They had different part numbers.  I contacted the original seller and they decided to send me another “correct” one for free.

While I waited for this new one to be sourced and shipped, I bought another one. They both came in within a day of each other and neither worked. This was certainly discouraging. I was out about 100 dollars in parts and no closer to a working computer. So I sourced a new screen that came with an inverter already attached. The new screen came today and I swapped the old one out and bamm, the laptop is back in business. I probably would have bought the screen the first time, but everything I read on-line said that the problem is usually the inverter. Shows me.

The other technology hurdle that was conquered (at home) was that I have two external hard drives on the network for storing pictures and documents. Two weeks ago one of the units stopped showing up on the network. Since I was feeling lucky  today I took a shot at reviving it. After some more web reasearch, I downloaded a program that upgraded the software on the unit. And now it is working correctly. Two for two today. At work they finally got the phones working. It was late in the day so not many people figured out that the phones were working before the day ended. I would expect that tomorrow will be crazy as a hurricane weekend and three days of problems all show up at the same time. Can’t wait. I have been working from home all week while I take care of DS2. That will probably be the deal again tomorrow.

College update (visualize weekend update with Chevy Chase):  DS1, no contact so far today. As i proofread this, DS1 surfaces with a picture of some burgers cooking on a grill. I guess they are having a cookout at his house tonight.

Cook out, Wheeling, WV

 Ds2’s eyesight continues to improve.  He worked on some school work again today. He is making plans with his friends for the weekend. Friday we go back to the doctor. DS3 had his first ROTC PT training from 6:30 to 7:30 this morning. His first class of the day (Math) starts at 8:00 am. He is having trouble with the math teacher’s accent.  For a child that needs help in math, this is not a good sign. He will be going to the learning center to see about getting extra help. There are two other ROTC kids in the class, so he should have study buddies if nothing else. The rest of his day went well. He told us that he is going on a weekend field trip with ROTC late in September. They will go to some woods near West Point and do ROTC stuff. I’m sure I will get a better description in the weeks to come.

DW, worked all day. She called me in the morning with a computer technical question. I guess I will have to bill her for that time.  Me, I worked from home. Ground up tomatoes from the garden and put them in the freezer. I cooked an oven stuffer/roaster chicken for dinner. It might be time to buy smaller birds. We certainly have leftovers. 

Tonight’s picture come from the resurrected external hard drive.  This is the first day of school picture from September 5, 2000. In the picture from left to right: DS1, Ds2, DS3 and friend from up the street. Enjoy! 

First day of School September 5, 2000

Irrelevant work at 63 (post)

Admittedly an odd subject line tonight. But, it is relevant in a discussion about irrelevant work.  Got that, did I spin those words or what?  There we go.  During dinner we were discussing college with DS2. The poor child is either enjoying being the only child or dreading being the only child. When you are used to being one of three children around the table, there is currently nowhere to hide.  They all learned at an early age that when mom and dad where interrogating your sibling, you should shut up and lay low with the hopes that the microscope would not be aimed at you.

So DS2 tells us that one of his classmates, a junior music education major, has signed him up to be in the Jazz Band at Marywood this fall. DS2 was in the middle school and high school jazz bands. He decided last year that he would rather not be in the jazz band and declined to sign up.  The following is an aside..  Have you ever been a member of a volunteer organization and missed a meeting? Did you attend the next meeting to find out that you were elected to the board in your absence? This is what happened to DS2.

DS2 says that he is ok with being in the Jazz Band. But,  that he feels that being a Music Therapy major and being in the jazz band is “irrelevant work”  He is not a jazz performance major. He is in the choir, the wind ensemble, the campus orchestra and the trumpet ensemble. (B, If i missed one, I am sorry) He feels that this is sufficient and that being in the jazz band is irrelevant work.

I for one almost fell out of my chair!. How would you like to tell your pointy haired boss (Dilbert reference) that while you don’t mind more work at work, you are not interested in any more irrelevant work.  I think the look on your bosses face would be priceless.  This would probably be followed by some directive to “just get it done”, a huff and the end of the conversation. But, wouldn’t be fun?

Current events for today.. DS1 will be providing a schedule for school and work soon. I think he sees me as the pointy haired boss. 🙂 DS2 continues to make progress. Today I took him to COSTCO to get out of the house and see the world. He has been home in his personal space for too long now. I can change that for sure. DS3 is doing better. We spoke today and he seems to be pulling it together. I need to remember that this is his college experience and my job is to witness. He received his ROTC gear today. He said he has enough stuff to go off to war, oh great. Not exactly what a parent wants to hear.  The 6:30 am physical training starts tomorrow. Should be interesting.

My DW and I have a quiet evening planned. I made Veal Francese for dinner. This recipe came from my younger sister. She used make this years ago when I would sleep over on lacrosse nights up north.  And in a completely unrelated thought, the mosquitos in New Jersey have spawned since the hurricane. Ug.

Tonight’s picture is from DS3’s scholarship night back in June at the local high school. Here he is accepting a scholarship and award from the local VFW post. Enjoy!

DS3 scholarship night 2011

62 (post) yoga poses..

Monday, Monday, post Irene Monday. Hopefully your storm experience was close to ours. I heard from one of my brothers in Westchester County, NY that the power is out and will be until Thursday, at the earliest. Another brother has a foot of water in his basement, but they were prepared and everything was up off the floor. I guess you pump out, then dry out. 

I went to COSTCO today to return the generator that I purchased on Friday. If you remember from Friday’s post, I got one of the last eight generators in the store when they opened. The generator stayed in the box, the box stayed in the car. It cost 600.00 so I was not going to open the box if I did not need to use the unit. The only power outage was Saturday night for four (almost exactly) hours.  Back to the story, COSTCO has a liberal return policy, so I was expecting a rolling of the eyes and then the return of my money. When I got to the store I wrestled the box onto one of those orange carts and wheeled it inside.

Before I got to the return counter, a man asked me where I got the generator and were there anymore. I told him that I was returning the unit since I did not loose power. He asked me the price and then he called his son. He had me explain to the son on the phone about the generator. When I was done, I gave Vince back his phone. He spoke with his son for another minute and then told me that he wanted to buy the generator. Ok with me. I was next on line. I told the women behind the counter “I would like to return this generator, I don’t need it. And, this man here would like to buy it”

I felt better about retuning the unit since someone else wanted it. The return ladies did not have enough cash to pay me so I had to wait for them to get more from where ever they keep their stash of cash. While I waited another six people came by, each one wanting to buy the generator. I could have held an auction in the parking lot! That is not my style, but it certainly was an interesting thought.

There was no lacrosse tonight. Last week was the end of the summer sessions. I am not sure if there will be anymore sessions or not. I guess I will have to watch my email and hope for the best. Since there was no lacrosse, I went to yoga with my DW. There were about twenty people in the class and only three of them were men!  I like that ratio..  If you have never taken a yoga class you should at least take one. Tonight’s class was probably my sixth or seventh class. I usually go on Monday’s when there is no lacrosse.  There is no yoga class next week due to Labor Day, but classes resume the week after that. If we don’t play lacrosse this fall, I will certainly be more limber by the end of the year.

Reports from the college front.  DS1, no contact today other than playing word feud with me around lunch time. I will be reaching out to him to find out what classes he is taking this fall.  DS2 continues to progress towards going back to school. He worked on some of his school work and practiced guitar today. He and I spoke with several people at the university today making plans for his return. DS3 has been on campus for two nights and three days. We spoke with him around dinner time today. He seems to be getting along with his roommate, enjoying his classes. I still think he is a little at a loss with what to do. I am sure he will figure things out. The bad weather this weekend disrupted the schedule for the incoming freshmen. Some of the team building events were cancelled. 

I worked from home today. The office at one point had no internet or phones. By the end of the day, the internet and email were back up. The phones were still down at the close of business. Hopefully this will be fixed during the overnight hours. I plan to work from home all week since I am the giver of eye drops.

Picture time once again. Today’s picture comes from last December. This is the Christmas tree in the Rotunda at Marywood University, enjoy!

Christmas tree Marywood University 2010

61 stairs to (post) heaven..

Well, maybe the hype of the storm was overdone. Probably not to the families that lost members due to falling trees and such. Here in Manahawkin things were not so dramatic. We lost power last night from 11 pm to 3 am. Now, the weather at 11 pm was not really bad and the weather at 3 am was not really that good. Did the powers that be turn us off for four hours for some reason? The Press of Atlantic City blogged at 10:15 that the local power utility was considering cutting the power to the barrier islands. We live seven miles from the ocean. It would seem to me if they cut the power, we were collateral damage. None the less, we got through the night.

Our house has a cellar. It has flooded twice in the twenty-seven years that we have lived here. Once when a storm “sat” on the town and dropped nine inches of rain in two and a half hours. Nobody was home and there was nothing that could have been done. The other time was after a huge snow storm, The 30 inches of snow were followed by 2 inches of rain. Somehow the water came in. The ground was certainly frozen at that time. Anyway, one of the cellar windows is below grade. We have a hole in front of it to catch the excess rain when this happens.  We cleaned the leaves and such out of the hole Friday in preparation for the storm.  We also cleaned all the gutters for better drainage away from the house.

I emptied the hole of water at 7 pm Saturday night after returning from Scranton. Then I was back out at 9:30 to empty again. At 9 pm there was a tornado warning, like take shelter now, in our neighborhood. We had no problems. After the warning, I was out with a shovel making the hole twice as big to catch the water. I was up every two or so hours during the night to empty the water. Sometimes it would be raining and blowing, other times it would be just windy. It was a bumpy night.

7 am came and the skies cleared and we were in the eye of the storm. The www.app.com website said that we would have the worst of the storm at 8 am.  Umm, they missed that headline. Completely wrong. The rest of the day was anti-climatic. We watched the radar, waited for the huge wind. We got some wind and some rain. Nothing like Saturday night. Sunday evening we started undoing the hurricane preparations that were done on Friday. Tomorrow I will return the generator to COSTCO. It is still in the box, I never opened it. It was like an insurance policy against the worse case scenario.

Tomorrow is Monday. I will work from home. I am on eye drop brigade. DS2 who had the two eve surgeries continues to need care and watching on a daily basis.  He is doing well and all signs point to him returning to school next Sunday and returning to classes on Tuesday after Labor Day.

DS3 is enjoying college. He has not communicated much, but I think he is trying to figure out what to do with himself now that he does not have parents setting the schedule. Classes start Monday, so his getting into a routine will make a big difference. DS1 appears to be doing fine. We got a call from one of his lacrosse buddies parents. Both kids had done four years playing at WJU together. This fall they are roommates for the first semester of their fifth year. The parents said that the boys were doing better than fine in the new house. 

We heard from any people over the weekend inquiring about our status as per the storm. We was heartening to hear from everybody and to know that so many people care.  Yes, we are alright, and life is currently looking up. We may actually have an empty nest come Labor Day Monday!  Tonight’s picture is DS2  getting his four-time a day eye drops. My DW has been doing this for the last week. I need start this care come Monday. And no, the poncho is NOT necessary. It used it during the storm and thought it would be a fun prop for the picture.  Enjoy!

More eye drops please!

Sixty is a nice number of posts..

Leaving home, first day of school picture 2011

Hurricane watch..  OH MY!  Run around willy nilly!

Ok, now that we are past that. Today was move in day for our youngest child. Yes, the baby is gone. We were up early, out of the house by 6 am. Three hours later we were in Scranton, PA. Since DS2 is still off-line due to his eye surgeries, DS3 drove his car to Scranton. We picked up DS2’s books and parking pass and parked his car in the freshmen lot out-of-the-way. It will be there when he gets to school next Sunday and then available whenever he is cleared to drive.

The drive up was a little creepy. The Garden State Parkway was closed southbound at Exit 98  by the resident NJ genius Friday night at eight pm. Why? Just like the same genius decided to close Route 72 east bound at six pm Friday night and make all four lanes outgoing. Well, at 5:30 pm, there were no traffic jams and people were heading west without any difficulty. I’ve seen worse westbound traffic on a Sunday afternoon in the summer.

They paid someone to distribute brand new DOT/FEMA barrels and cones at every intersection, for 28 miles. Then they paid probably the same people to pick them all up. At one spot where the barrels were set on the side of the road, they neglected to pick up all the parts. SO somewhere there about 20 or brand new orange traffic barrels without the black tops/bottoms. The real shame of it is that I’m willing to bet that the 28 miles of cones and barrels will be disposed of and new one purchased.  Want to make a bet with me?

The other challenge to the ride was all the families driving towards Scranton with their college student on board. Not many of them had probably made the trip more than twice, now they all were trying to do it at the same time. And for some reason, many of the parents felt comfortable letting their freshly minted college student drive the family SUV. Ug, it was amateur hour this morning. I am so happy that we left early. And the people coming from the south up Interstate 81 were totally screwed. There must have been an accident because as I drove home, I passed miles, like 6 or 8 miles, of north bound traffic. All stopped, all trying to go north, all still south of Scranton.

Dorm room U of Scranton 2011

DS3 Got into his room with no problems. He chose the side he wanted since he was the first one there. The rooms are a concrete box, two beds, two desks, two dressers and two armoires. Not a lot of room. The bathroom is down the hall. Fortunately (or not) the bathroom is very close by.  After unpacking and taking pictures, we went over to the bookstore to get his books. They were not ready. He needs to stop by on Sunday to get them.  We went down to Coney Island Lunch for hot dogs. They were delicious. I brought home a dozen for those of us still living in NJ.

Then I took him back to school. Gave him a hug and sent him off into the wild blue yonder.  I still can’t believe he is gone off to school. While we were waiting for our dogs to arrive, he said “Dad, I don’t believe I’m here to stay, not just visit” I guess that was the point that it hit home that he was staying, and I was leaving.  Other stops in the city included Radio Shack to pick up a pair of head phones and the cemetery to visit my parents.

So, he is safe, DS1 is safe in Wheeling, WV. The rest of us will ride the storm out and hope for the best. If the blog is not updated each day you will know we lost power, internet and/or cell service.  Today’s pictures from move in day. I will post a few.  Enjoy!

Damm, now what do I do? (Kidding)













Damm 59 (post) Yankees..


Today’s post is mobile. We are in the tv room watching AJ Burnett throw away another game. DS3 is using the working laptop, so I am working on my phone. College move in day for DS3 is tomorrow.  We leave at six am to arrive in Scranton for nine am. I was going to spend the day there but with road closures and the coming hurricane, I hope to be back home by two pm.

Today was the get ready for the hurricane day.  Everything that can blow away is put away. I purchased the last generator at our local COSTCO this morning. There were eight to be sold and I got one. I will leave in the box in my van and wait to see what the storm brings. I have gasoline for it as well. We got the usual storm preparation stuff.  We are ready (I hope).

We had a post operative meeting with the doctor early this morning.  The doctor was very pleased with the outcome of the previous day’s surgery.  If the recovery stays on track DS2 will return to school the Tuesday after Labor Day. 

Good night, another early day tomorrow.  The picture of the is of DS2 goofing off on his laptop, waiting for school to start.  Enjoy!

Someday’s are like being on friggin’ (59) post Jeopardy..

Credit for the title goes to my DW. She walked out of the bathroom this morning after taking her shower and said that she had the title for tonight’s blog. Usually the blog title and contents are trapped in my head until the time comes for them to spill out on these electronic pages. And why, do most of my blog’s include a mention about bathrooms or food?  Hmmm. Freud (or some psychiatrist) would enjoy that discussion. Anyway, here’s the result of the discussion with my DW this morning. Picture in your mind’s eye, you are on Jeopardy, the other two contestants are on either side of you. Alex Trebek tell you to pick a category. So you say, “Give me things that could never happen in a week of my life, Alex, for 1000”. And the question is “What is a hurricane, an earthquake, two eye surgery’s in one week, three children going off to college, getting hit by two lacrosse balls in one night?” Buzz, you know the answer, What is S__T you just can’t make up?  Winner, winner, chicken dinner. We have a winner.

Ok, so another crazy opening for my blog. I hope you slogged through it. The second surgery went very well today. The doctor was very pleased with the operation and the quick recovery that DS2 is making on the right eye that was done on Tuesday evening. The hospital staff was great, again. Our gratitude goes out to all the people that we came in contact with over the last four days. We have a post operative check up tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.  Right now DS2 is sleeping in the Lazy Boy recliner. I am typing and working the emails while keeping on eye on him.  His blood pressure was up today. The hospital staff made no mention of this Tuesday night. We will wait a few weeks for all this hub bub to go away and then my DW will check his pressure. He is a big boy, so maybe this might be a wake up call about eating better, or maybe the stress of the week has him as well. It surely has me on the ropes.

DS3 worked his last day at the bark and biscuit today. He spent part of the day making sand bags that will be used to try to keep flooding out of the biscuit during the hurricane this weekend. He and I head to Scranton early Saturday to get him moved in and pick up DS2’s books from school. That way we can help him next week keep current with his studies.  DS1 has secured an internship working for the university this fall. This should fulfil a graduation requirement and give him some spending money.

That is it for the night. I’m done, stick a fork in me, done. But first a picture. Here is DS2 pre operation today. My DW was giving me the business about taking his picture until she saw other “normal” people doing the same thing.  🙂 And I almost forgot, there is video! Click here to see it.


DS2 in the hospital, again



These are not the fibers you are looking for (or post 58)..

The title needs to be said by a character dressed like Obi Won Kenobi (the old one, not the young one), dark brown robe, hood up, standing in front of a salad bar.  Really, you can’t picture it?  The words were spoken by DS2 during dinner this evening. What preceded that comment probably does not need to be shared, but it was a funny moment at the table to break up some of the tension of the week. I had cooked dinner, ravioli, home-baked crusty french loaf, sautéed zucchini with seasonings and olive oil and tomato sauce with meatballs and sausage. I had burned (slightly) two different fingers on two different hands. So I sat down with my food, everyone else had already loaded their plates and sat down, waiting for me to get there so they could start. I looked at my plate, no fresh, hot, crusty french loaf. My hands hurt and I did not feel like getting back up to get the bread.  So I said “I will use my Jedi mind to move two pieces of bread from the counter to my plate” Then I closed my eyes and put my hands to my head and let out a large grunt. Then bamm, when I opened my eyes the bread was on my plate. Someone made a comment about the grunting noise (think bathroom jokes, they are boys) and then the fiber line was said. Ok, so I worked a little hard for that joke tonight. It did go over well at the table.

This morning started early. We had a 7:30 am doctors appointment an hour north of our home.  The doctor’s visit went fine. The doctor was pleased with DS2’s surgery and post operative condition.  The doctor said that next week, probably Tuesday, would be the day for the other eye. The scheduling lady was not yet in. We were told that we could wait for her or she could call us on the phone. We opted to leave and get breakfast and let them call at their convenience. We had breakfast at a funky place in downtown Red Bank called Zebu Forno. The food was good.  Nice and hot. We will eat there again.  Should you find yourself in Red Bank, NJ you should check this place out.  The office called on the ride home and it was decided that Tuesday, August 30 would be the day. They would fax the necessary paperwork to us and we should call Monday after four pm to find out what time the surgery would be on Tuesday.

Everything was all set.  We got home and I sent a few emails and tweets to update family and friends and I went back to bed. I woke up two hours later and the then the phone rang. The doctor’s office was wanting to know if we wanted to do the surgery tomorrow? Maybe they are having a slow week in the hospital, or maybe the doctor was impressed at how well DS2 handled the first surgery and decided that tomorrow would be ok. Or maybe it was the constant questions about getting DS2 back to college that told the surgeon that saving us a week between surgeries would hopefully get him back to school a week earlier. And, part of the discussion was well, you feel like crap from the surgery, in a week you will feel better, then have to go through all this again Why not just get it done? So, off to the hospital for a 1 pm operation tomorrow. Yikes, what a rollercoaster of a week so far. Hopefully we are getting ready to coast to the end.

Part of my email and phone work this afternoon was to find out where we are at with the university. What will they do to accommodate our special needs for DS2? What is the last date that he can withdraw and get all his tuition back? And a dozen other questions.  The phone call went to the Office of Retention. DS2 and I spoke with the women there and her recommendation was for DS2 to withdraw and take the semester off. Neither he nor his parents were interested in that option. At least not without exploring every other option. We spoke for about twenty minutes during which we discussed options to keep him in school though the use of note takers, people to read to him, changing his courses to less critical courses this fall and other ways to ease DS2 back into school. She said she would email his core curriculum teachers and see what they thought. When we finished the call, it was not on the most hopeful note.

I sent an email to the head of the College of Music, Theatre and Dance asking for her help. I ran all the same suggestions past her along with a few more that we came up after we got off the phone. I asked her to be our advocate at the university. She has met and spoken with us several times during the school year. DS2 has been very giving with his time helping out during the school year above and beyond the expectations they have for music theory students. She responded by telling us that the university had the resources available to help my son that would enable him to catch up or that his schedule could be shifted around. The bottom line, if he physically could return, the school would make it work. Now that’s what I’m talking about. We (the parents) discussed the email with DS2 and he was encouraged by the support that was offered.  Now we just have to get through tomorrow successfully and maybe things will work out.

Thank you to everyone that has said prayers and sent notes to DS2 and us. It’s really nice to see.

Other news, briefly, DS1 has made it to Wheeling, WV. School starts for him on Monday. He sent me a picture of the view from his kitchen table. This picture becomes the picture of the day.  Enjoy!

Wheeling, WV


Driving that train, high on 57 (the Heinz post)..

Well today was a crazy day personally and on the east coast of the United States. Unless you live under a rock, you know that there was an earthquake centered in Virgina and felt up and down the eastern seaboard. I was driving at the time and the only clue that something was wrong was that the Sirius satellite radio had a full strength signal but there was no programming. I guess the earthquake knocked Sirius off the air for a few minutes.

On a personal note, I wrote yesterday about DS2 needing to see a retina specialist about “something” in is right eye. The appointment was this morning. Both parents and DS2 went to the doctor in Toms River. He found a retinal tear in the right eye that needs immediate surgery and a slight tear in the left eye that will need surgery. Then the fight with the insurance company started. The doctor accepts our insurance, we cleared the visit with them first. The hospital where the doctor practices (hopeful to get it perfect one day)  is not in the system with our insurance.

Bottom line, we can’t use this doctor.  So the doctor’s staff helped us find a doctor that takes our insurance and practices in a hospital that takes our insurance. The next stop is Red Bank. We drove up the GSP through the earthquake, oblivious to it happening. When we got to the second doctor’s office there was quite the commotion about earthquakes and evacuating buildings. Once we got past that silliness we saw the second doctor of the day. On his desk was manual written by him for other doctors while he was working at Wills Eye in Philadelphia. That’s about as close to the top in eye doctor facilities in the United States, if not the world.

Doctor, doctor, doctor number two looks and assesses and decides that both eyes need to be done. The problem DS2 suffers from happens mostly to near-sighted people. A small percentage of the near-sighted population get something called lattice My DW has this. Usually they look and say, see you in a year. As long as the problem is stable, nothing needs to be done. In a fraction of the people with this condition the retina starts to pull away and if left untreated, the retina can completely become detached and you lose your vision.

There is no timetable for the tearing. It could sit for years, it could accelerate. So treating quickly after discovery seems to be the prudent course of action. The doctor discussed having the two surgery’s a few days apart starting next week. While we were with the scheduling lady, the doctor asks when DS2 ate last. Upon hearing it was more than 8 hours previously, he suggested surgery tonight, six pm. Wow, that went from next week and having a chance to digest it to bamm, do it now.

The doctor said this surgery was not an emergency. You could have fooled me. So we went across the street to the hospital and went through the paperwork and such. They took him in around 6:15 and we got him back around 9:45. Some of that time was before doing the anesthesia and afterwards recovering from the anesthesia. He was in good spirits pre-op, I guess seeing this as an adventure. Post operation, he was more subdued. We are having him sleeping upstairs tonight so we can be close by. We have to be back in Red Bank for 7:30 am tomorrow.

What all this means to his sophomore fall semester, nobody knows. The surgery could not be postponed without takeing an unacceptable risk with his vision. We will discuss the future a little more forcefullywith the doctor tomorrow. Then I will get on the phone with the university and see what they think about him missing four to six weeks of this semester. Can he catch up? Will they work with him to catch up?  Should we punt and skip the fall?  I really don’t know at this point.

I’m beat and I have to get up in five hours to go back north to the doctor’s office. Tonight’s picture is pre-op.





Monday night is 56 (post) lacrosse..

I just got home from playing lacrosse with DS3, another local lacrosse parent and his son and about 25 other men. The term men should be used lightly here. The league started out as a 35 years old and older league. Then to attract people we dropped the minimum age to 25 years old. Now you can play if you show up and pay.  All summer, Monday nights have been ruled by college players home on vacation from school. Now, most of the kids have gone back, so the number of people playing is more realistic. There was certainly enough playing time tonight.

I started playing lacrosse at the age of 43. My oldest son was playing at the high school level and we would throw the ball around in the evening and on weekends to help him be a better player. Then a league was formed in Randolph, NJ for beginner and intermediate players.  Or players that had not picked up their sticks in ten or fifteen years. The first night was an introduction to Mr. Ball and Mr. Stick. There were different stations set up to teach various skills. The next week the group was divided into teams and the playing commenced. Fast forward to tonight. So, I have been playing defense for seven years. As a defensive player your job is keep the other team from scoring. Sometimes that means you might get hit by a ball or two.  Tonight, it was the two times not the one time.

The funny (not really) thing about being hit by the ball, for me, is that it is an all or nothing proposition. What I mean is that I can play all summer (like this summer) and not get hit by a ball. Then in one night I get hit by two balls. So tonight I was either faster than usual and got in the way, or slower than usual, and got in the way. Either way, I had two saves tonight!  Ouch, they will both be black and blue by Thursday or Friday.

Tonight was possibly the last time that I get to play with DS3 until December. There is another league that might play this week on Thursday,  If so, that will be it for us.  I hope we get to play again at least one more time this week.  Work was busy today. Plenty of people not on the schedule thinking that I had incorrectly drawn up my schedule. If I had drawn my schedule up correctly, I would have penciled them in at the exact moment that they needed my assistance. DW, yes dear, Can you spray some Windex on my crystal ball?  Sure, dear.  Problem solved..

That is enough for tonight, I am ready for bed. Here is a picture taken this evening of DS3 and myself dressed for lacrosse. This is the pre-impact picture. Maybe if the bruises look cool, you will get to see them later in the week. Good night all, and enjoy!

Me and DS3 dressed for lacrosse tonight

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