Friday, day thirty-two (I survived a month!)

Well, to the naysayers (there was only one that actually articulated their opinion), I lasted a month blogging everyday. Only eleven more months to go! So far I have looked forward to writing “a page a day”  Maybe this winter when there is snow on the ground, I will go back and read about the summer. It should jog my short-term memory. It was hot again today (note to winter, freezing self), not as hot as last weekend, but smack you in the face humidity for sure. I worked from home today so I was able to hide indoors. My only excursion outside was to turn on the sprinklers to water the garden.

Tonight, DS2, his epic beard and I are going to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. We have tickets to see a band called the Decemberists. I heard about them in a Groupon mailing earlier in the week. I don’t know any of their songs. That’s not really accurate. At lunch today I asked him if I would like the music. What band are they like? He thought, then told me the name of a band. Oh, I’ve never heard of them either.  “Um” he says.  Then he played one of the songs off the most recent album for me. So, I have heard one song. It should be a fun boys night out.  Maybe we’ll drop twenty dollars in a slot machine.  Maybe not.

I had company for breakfast today. Since I was working from home I made cheese omelets and pork roll. All three of the children were home this morning. DS1 was hung over from his birthday celebration. He has Friday and Saturday off each week. DS2 is off today. DS3 is working the noon to close shift. He was sitting at the table looking sleepy around 11 am and I said to him that he looked sleepy.  His reply was that he has a full-time job!  My response is that I have had one for thirty years. His response was that I look sleepy too!  Hmmm. I wonder what I would look like if I was not working full-time?  I’ve always said that my job interfered with my personal life.  Now I know it is!

I played lacrosse last night in Manalpan. We play on Thursday nights from eight pm to nine thirty pm (or later). If you are reading this and interested, just reply. We are always looking for new players. Last night at least six of the players from last week had other commitments so we were short-handed again. This time we had two goalies!  It was fun to shoot at a real person as opposed to a plastic man shaped covering that made you aim for the holes to score. I played attack for most of the night since we’re had an uneven number of defensive players.

Off to Atlantic City, I will leave you with this picture from June 2011. Here is DS3 posing after receiving his diploma. If you have ever seen Three Sheets (tv show) then you will understand the pose.  Enjoy.