Thursday, day thirty one (Thirsty Thursday)

They used to call it Thirsty Thursday and Hawaiian Shirt Gonzo Friday. Now who knows what they call the days of the week other than their names. Those names date back to the Roman times when they named the days after the seven planets (I guess that was all they knew about). It’s a good thing that they did not know about Pluto. We would have had to get rid of a day of the week (or rename) when they drummed Pluto out of the planet club.  Pure nonsense for sure.  Tropical Storm Don is approaching South Texas (nice segway, eh?) It looks like those people will finally get some rain.  Winds are only 45 mph so damage should be slight to none. The real damage will be when the oil speculators use this silly storm as an excuse to push gasoline prices up ten or fifteen cents.

On to happier things, one of the men who plays on our OWU (Ohio Wesleyan University) mens lacrosse team was featured in an article in the premier lacrosse magazine in the United States. For you non-lacrosse people out there, that magazine would be Inside Lacrosse.  The article speaks about how the lacrosse players from the sixtys and seventies have gone out into the world and started lacrosse clubs and teams all across the country.  The man mentioned in the article is 68 years old. He plays two tournaments a year with us. The team is made up of about fifty percent OWU alumni and fifty percent people who know a OWU alumni. I fall in the second group. Two years ago our team of forty-five year old and older men, captured the title in our division. Last year we made it to the final game for the second year in a row. We lost in the title game.  This coming Thursday through Sunday the OWU alumni team will be back in action in Lake Placid trying to get back to the final game for a third year in a row. This year the division we play in has expanded from 10 teams to 16 teams.  So the competition will be even more fierce.   Here is link to download the .pdf scan of the article.

That is it for today.  Tonight will be a late night.  The picture of the day is from October 2010. In this picture DS1 is covering a player that is off camera.  Oh, today the young lad turns Twenty Three!.. Happy Birthday Mark!



Wednesday, day 30..

So, a new look today for the blog.  I keep getting emails from Word Press about different themes. So, bored this evening, I decided to look around a little more in the blog dashboard. They give you a random sampling of the available themes.  Some themes cost 75.00!  Yikes, way to expensive for me. I will try this one out for a week or two.  I promise I won’t have a different theme everyday, that would be too confusing.

Tomorrow, DS1 will be 23 years old!.  Hard to belive. I can still remember the day he was born.  We will celebrate Sunday night.  Tomorrow night is lacrosse after work. I leave in the morning and don’t get home until 11 pm. He will work until six or seven. DS2 is working, not sure the hours. DS3 is working at the bark and biscuit until 9:30 pm. It looks like the DW might be eating dinner alone tomorrow night.  Sounds like a cereal for dinner night for her.  So, what do you get your 23-year-old son for his birthday? In the old days, it was easy. Whatever the most popular video or computer game was. Or the latest lacrosse gear, stick, gloves, helmet or shirt. Now, the relationship has changed, he is an adult. So, we settled on a 750 of Patron Silver, a card, a cake and some debt forgiveness.  And his favorite dinner, whatever that might be.  I have until Sunday to get that taken care of.

I may be going to a concert Friday night with DS2. I got a Groupon trying to sell tickets to see a group called the Decemberists. I sent the email to DS2, he said, I never heard of them. I said, me neither. The description of the musical style sounded like it would appeal to him. We kicked it around for two days, and if you know anything about Groupons, the offer expires.  I did find cheaper seats on Stub Hub. I will discuss this with him after I’m done blogging tonight. The show is at something called the event center at the Borgata in Atlantic City.  That should be a real joy of a drive on a Friday evening in the summer. Leave early and sit in traffic.  The culturing would be good for me.

Saturday DW and I are going to Annapolis for an overnight stay. We have tickets to see the Chesapeake Bayhawks vs. the Hamilton Nationals (Major League Lacrosse). The game will be played at the Marine Corps. Memorial Stadium.  We watch the games on tv each week and decided to go see one in person.  It will be hot, but it should be fun. The hotel is a half mile from the stadium, so that should work out just fine. So, a busy end to the week.

Today’s picture is from November, 2006. DS1 received a partial athletic scholarship from Wheeling Jesuit University to play lacrosse. In this picture he is signing his National Letter of Intent. This is a binding contract between the high school athlete and the university. Behind us is the high school athletic director (L) and the high school lacrosse coach (R). This was and still is, a very proud day for us.  Enjoy!