Tuesday, day 29..

Todays post starts off with five nautical terms that you may have never heard of or you may have heard of but don’t know the correct meanings to. I researched them to make sure I had the correct. meanings. What, you ask, could have prompted this school of thought? Well, now that you asked, (you did ask, right?) there was a Jeep SUV traveling north on the GSP with a kayak tied to the roof. The painter was swinging in the breeze.  There actually were about five different vehicles with kayaks on the roof this morning. I almost felt like I was back in Lake Placid, NY where it seems EVERYBODY has a kyack on the roof of their vehicle. Go visit, you will see what I mean. Nod to Wikipedia for the research help.

  1. Painter – A  painter is a rope that is attached to the bow of a boat and used for tying the boat up
  2. Balls to four watch – The 0000-0400 watch. (US Navy)
  3. Bight – An indentation in a coastline.
  4. Footloose – If the foot of a sail is not secured properly, it is footloose, blowing around in the wind.
  5. Scuttlebutt – A barrel with a hole in used to hold water that sailors would drink from. By extension (in modern naval usage), a shipboard drinking fountain or water cooler.

I spent the evening working in the garden. It was not any cooler than the weekend, temperature was 90 degrees. Humidity was down, so we were able to work outside. We, umm, yes, I did have the most unusual help. DS1 was away visiting his girlfriend for about 40 hours (young love) and Ds3 was working at the bark and biscuit. That left my “indoor child” the musician, to help me, outdoors.  The job of the day was re-staking the tomatoes. About a month ago I bought plastic, crappy (not really cheap) garden stakes. When you hammer them in, they bend and break, how odd.  They were not made for what I wanted them to do. But, I used them anyway. I pushed them carefully into the ground so they would not break.

All was well and good until the plants grew to five or six feet tall and became full of ripening tomatoes. Then the wind blew (not very hard) and the crappy stakes and the tomato plants flopped over onto each other and the ground. Quite the mess. I looked at that mess for a week while hiding indoors from the heat. After dinner DW and I went to Home Depot and bought 20 pcs of 1 x 3 x 8 foot boards. We got the boards home and then  DS2 got a crash course in how to use an electric skill saw. His job, cut 18 inches off one end, then make a point out of either end.

I gave him a pencil to draw lines with and suggested that if he put it behind his ear, he would look like he was in charge. He said, I have a better idea. He stuck the pencil in his bushy beard!  He did great cutting the wood. He cleaned up his mess and did not complain.  I don’t think either of his brothers could have done any better. Best part, he still has all the fingers that he started with!

So, today’s picture is of DS2 cutting wood in the backyard with his pencil stuck in his beard!  Enjoy, I certainly did.





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  1. christina
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 17:16:32

    Fits with theduct tape t shirt – lol…


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