Monday, day 28..

Back to work Monday, here in New Jersey. There was residual northbound traffic this morning. Those hardy souls that try to squeeze one more night out of their weekend at the Jersey shore. There is lacrosse tonight in Robbinsville. There should be lots of college kids, hopefully not to many. I am looking forward to burning off a few calories. The heat is starting to subside on the east coast.  The a/c is still on at home. I remember the old days (here goes the old man with his stories) when we had only one window air conditioner and we used to hang a sheet in the hall way so the kid’s bedroom and our bedroom could both be cool. Now, big time convenience, central air. I think the kids might appreciate the a/c now having lived without it when they were younger. Or, that is the story I am going to tell myself.

DS1 and DS3 went to work. DS2 had the day off. He went to his sixth guitar lesson of the summer this morning. He will be taking guitar lessons at college in the fall. For his Music Therapy major his has to be proficient in voice, piano and guitar. I’m still waiting for that first song. You know, like Mary had a little lamb. Then he (I guess through Facebook) connected with some college friends and went to Seaside for the day.  It’s good to see him get out of the cellar and be social. And DS2, if you read this, this is my parenting hat speaking.  Love ya’.

My email to Radio Margarittaville was read at 2:06 today. I recorded that and the next song. If you are interested, here is a link to the wave file  If you click, it should open your wave music player and automatically play.  I hope it works for you.

Picture of the day comes from DS1’a last college lacrosse game. He is player # 2.


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