Monday, day 28..

Back to work Monday, here in New Jersey. There was residual northbound traffic this morning. Those hardy souls that try to squeeze one more night out of their weekend at the Jersey shore. There is lacrosse tonight in Robbinsville. There should be lots of college kids, hopefully not to many. I am looking forward to burning off a few calories. The heat is starting to subside on the east coast.  The a/c is still on at home. I remember the old days (here goes the old man with his stories) when we had only one window air conditioner and we used to hang a sheet in the hall way so the kid’s bedroom and our bedroom could both be cool. Now, big time convenience, central air. I think the kids might appreciate the a/c now having lived without it when they were younger. Or, that is the story I am going to tell myself.

DS1 and DS3 went to work. DS2 had the day off. He went to his sixth guitar lesson of the summer this morning. He will be taking guitar lessons at college in the fall. For his Music Therapy major his has to be proficient in voice, piano and guitar. I’m still waiting for that first song. You know, like Mary had a little lamb. Then he (I guess through Facebook) connected with some college friends and went to Seaside for the day.  It’s good to see him get out of the cellar and be social. And DS2, if you read this, this is my parenting hat speaking.  Love ya’.

My email to Radio Margarittaville was read at 2:06 today. I recorded that and the next song. If you are interested, here is a link to the wave file  If you click, it should open your wave music player and automatically play.  I hope it works for you.

Picture of the day comes from DS1’a last college lacrosse game. He is player # 2.


Sunday, day twenty seven..

Living the American dream. No it’s not an ice cream, or a book by Steven Colbert, it is the white picket fence, leave it to Beaver, Lassie saves the day type of day. Does it still exist? Did it ever? Here’s another question, completely unrelated. This question has gotten me some strange looks from my kids and spouse.  Let me set the stage, every day (hopefully) you use deodorant. Now and then, with some regularity, you will finish the deodorant and open a new one. Spray, solid, whatever. Here’s the question, when you run out of deodorant are done with both arms or do you run out between arms?  I told you it was a crazy question. My admission and the reason for the question, I always run out between arms. Drives me crazy. There is always a backup, but how come I don’t get an even number of uses? 

Back to the American dream. DW worked this am, she was on call at the hospital. She had two emergencies scheduled, one of them got cancelled. Look up the word emergency, then re-read this post (and yesterdays).  Baffles me. But, it pays the bills. We went food shopping for the week after she returned from work. DS1, DS2 and DS3 all went to work today. DS1 commuted from Allentown, PA to home then onto LBI for 8 am work. Goes to show he can do it if he wants to. His college girl friend is now living in Allentown. He was off from work Friday and Saturday and went to visit her. DS3 worked the shoe store in the morning and the bark and biscuit tonight. He said they have over 100 dogs at the bark and biscuit this weekend!  Wow, who would have thought there was that much business on a summer weekend. Maybe it is because of the heat and people not wanting to leave their animals unattended.

I worked on DS3’s college loan paperwork today. DS2 is done for the year. DS1, no word yet. He is scheduled (according to him) to return to Wheeling to finish out his degree. I hope so. We (his parents) have invested quite a bit of money and time to get him to this point. Weather wise, the heat was not nearly as bad as yesterday and Friday. We had an afternoon thunder shower that added to the watering that I did today. I could have used a memo about the upcoming shower and skipped the watering.

A footnote to our trip last weekend to NYC. I sent an email to Steve Huntington at Radio Margaritaville thanking him for introducing Pink Martini to us via RM. I gave him a few links to the ustream I did from the show. He emailed me today to thank me for the email and let me know that he would read it on the air Monday just after 2 pm. Wahoo… Famous (or something like that). Kinda neat. 

Bring the avid gardener, we have two Aero Gardens in the house. Do a google search. Basically, we grow lettuce hydroponically indoors. You can grow other things, we like the fresh lettuce that the Aero Gardens provide, especially during the non-outdoor growing season here in New Jersey.  I “planted” salad greens today. We will be harvesting lettuce in three weeks for salads and the crop should last for at least six to 8 weeks after the first harvest.  Want some lettuce for your sandwich, walk over, pinch off a few leaves and keep going. 

So, today’s picture is of the two Aero Gardens. In front of them is the pumpkin that I picked from the garden today. Is it October yet?  We have one more pumpkin in the garden, it is still green. This one was done growing and I was afraid it would start to rot.  Enjoy the picture! Oh, the other picture, whimsical for sure, balloon animals at the Shop Rite.