Saturday, day 26..

Some days, some days, you wake up firing on all cylinders, other days, you go back to bed. Today was a back to bed day for me. Up at 8 am to let DS3 in the house. He slept over at a friend’s house. Then, back to bed until 11 am. Damm, I felt like one of the “young adults” (I always hated that label when I was growing up), that live in our home. Getting up around lunch time.  One of my siblings asked about DS3 having his own house key. Hmmm, he probably should. Usually the house isn’t locked. I probably should not write that, but it is a fact of life here in our neighborhood. There really isn’t anything of monetary value to steal. I will have to re-think the whole concept, or not.

As you probably are tired of hearing, it was over 100 degrees here in NJ again. I’m ready for the extreme hot weather to subside. My children keep reminding me that I want to move to Florida, and isn’t it hot there as well? I say, look at the weather app on your phone( we are internet and smart phone people), it was ten degrees cooler in Florida and the Gulf Coast today. I spoke with my favorite coffee company, Orleans Coffee (google and order) yesterday. Bob said they have had rain off and on for the last week or so. I haven’t seen any rain is at least the same time frame.

Todays jobs, real simple. 1. Water the garden 2. Take a shower (important in this weather) 3. Pick vegetables from the garden 4. Go to COSTCO 5. Make dinner. Easy day. I even watched tv today during the day. I can count the number of days I watched tv before 7 pm during the year on one hand. Dinner was Bloody Mary Flank Steak from COSTCO. This is a winner in my world. Matched with potato salad, fresh mozzarella, cucumber and tomatoes from the garden. Worked great. Oh, and the especial of the day, fried green tomatoes. I knocked a few green tomatoes off the vine by accident today. DS3 (under my watchful eye) used seasoned flour, egg wash and panko to make the fried green tomatoes. DS2 thought they where potato pancakes and took three. He put them back after finding out there were tomatoes. You should have seen the disappointment on his face. I will need to make him potato pancakes before he heads back to school.

Other than that, not much else went on. DS3 went to work at the shoe store, DS2 worked at the deli. DS1 is away for the weekend visiting his college girl friend. He needs to be in town for work at 8 am Sunday. Should be interesting. DW and I were off. She is on call Sunday and they have two “emergencies” scheduled. Don’t ask how you can schedule an emergency. It’s time and a half, three-hour minimum. So, it helps pay the bills.

The picture of the day is of the current load of vegetables that we picked from the garden. Enjoy!

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