Friday, day 25..

Dude ( or as appropriate, Dudette) it was frigging hot here in NJ today. Today was a WFH (work from home) day for me. I had originally taken the day off, but my plans changed. So, instead of burning one of my limited days off, I worked from home.  I saw 104.8 on the home thermometer today. And this was not during the afternoon when the sun shines on that part of the house. We had the threat of a thunderstorm around 3 or 4 pm.  No rain, a few booms. From talking to people later in the day, it seems that the storm boomed pretty bad to the west of us and fizzled out when it got to the coast.

I took DS2 for his biannual shearing. His manager told him either a hair cut, or a beard net, his choice. I was due. I called the hair place, our usual lady was booked solid. I texted her ( we are friends outside of work), she fit us in. Maybe I tip too much, hmmm.  Dinner was at a local place with great 24 inch wagon wheel pizzas. A coupe of pitchers of Coors Lite and DS2 and DS3 and one of DS3’s friends. DS2 ordered the fried shrimp and lobster tail dinner. The lobster tail was inedible. As a 20 + year veteran of the seafood industry (earlier life) I told the waitress tha the tail smelled of ammonia (gone bad) and was not going to pay for the dinner. We did not.  Thankfully, DS2 realised that it was bad and did not eat it.  The manager came by and apologised. We have eaten here before, this is their worst miscue. They will get one more chance.

I ran into an old friend from the seafood industry days on the way out the door. I got a fifteen minute update on the seafood industry in South Jersey and Philadelphia. I am still glad I got out in 2002. Then trying to get out of the restaurant we ran into a couple of our high school lacrosse parents.  So, we stopped and talked some more. Some days it seems like you know everybody or nobody. Today it was everybody. It was good to stop and chat.

One of the games the kids play at dinner is to try to take your picture at the table with their phones without you knowing it. Then the text your picture to you.. So tonight’s picture was taken by DS2 while I was not looking.  Check out the new hair!  LOL