Wednesday, day 23..

Short and sweet tonight. I took my contacts out and was heading to bed to read my current book and realized I had missed my blog writing tonight.  Only took 23 days to almost forget. I will need to schedule my work day a little better so I have time to write during the day, like lunch time.  So, another busy day at work. Everybody in the house went to work today. DS2 left his headlights on in his car and came out of work to find the battery dead. You see, it was quite foggy this morning so he had the headlights on. He called Allstate Insurance towing service and they came and jump started his car. Hopefully a lesson learned.

DS3 had a talk with the shoe store manager the other day. She says, DS3, business is slow and I won’t have many hours for you this week or next. So DS3 says, no problem. I got a job at the Bark and Biscuit and oh, this is my two-week notice. And, here is my full-time schedule for the next two weeks at the Bark and Biscuit. Since then, she has given him more hours in the shoe store then anytime since August during the height of the back to school shopping.  Kinda odd, first I am cutting your hours (from about 20 a week to ?) and then he has work there almost every day..  Whatever, he is thrilled to be counting down to leaving this job.

After dinner, DS3 and I took lacrosse sticks, a ball or two, towels and headed to LBI to goof off on the beach. My vision was th sun shining, 85 + degrees, nice waves. Toss around, go for a swim, get some ice cream and go home. Well, the fog from this morning had settled in on LBI, again. So humid and warm. Quite foggy. We threw around for over an hour, stood up to our waists in the gentle waves and had our ice cream. Works for me.

tonight’s picture is from the trip to the beach tonight. Enjoy!

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